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   Chapter 366 I'm Glad It's You

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Every girl wanted to be a mother when they were playing house, because in their hearts, they would imagine countless times that they would marry a prince, and he would have a beautiful white horse or a colorful clouds.

Girls thought that their mothers were great, and they would grow up to be a mother. At this time, they would feel their mothers' great more strongly. Every mother who worked hard to give birth to life was the most admirable.

At this time, Sophia was clearly felt that the baby in her belly was slowly growing.

But her belly became bigger and bigger day by day, which made Sophia feel very depressed.

This made her the focus of Xiao family.

She had to be extremely careful in every move, and the servants at home were undoubtedly very concerned about Sophia. They prepared the most suitable nutritious food for her every period of time, and prepared fresh fruit for Sophia every day.

Because she was not alone now, and she had the precious inheritance of Xiao family in her belly.

Her belly was getting bigger and bigger, making it difficult for Sophia to do many things. Sometimes, even squatting down would be difficult.

After a long period of nausea and vomiting, Sophia became weaker and weaker.

Moreover, Victor didn't have much energy to take care of Sophia since he came back to work, but what made Sophia feel much more comfortable was that Victor always cared about all kinds of her feelings, or knew too much about Sophia, which made Victor like a mind reader in a Sophia's stomach. Seeing Sophia's movements and expressions, Victor knew what she wanted to do and where she wanted to go the next second.

But at the same time, the two of them had a little time to get close and intimate with each other, which made them burst out in such an intimate time.

Putting Victor's big hand gently on her slightly shaped belly, the two of them quieted down at the same time, as if they wanted to hear clearly what their love child wanted to say.

The two smiled at each other.

"Victor, do you think the baby is a boy or a girl?"

"A boy."

"Do you like boys or girls?"

"A girl."

"Then why do you think he is a boy?"

"If it's a boy, I can protect you with him. You are too important for me. "

"Do you know how lucky I was when I knew you had a baby with me?"

"We are so lucky to have our own child, and I am so lucky that you are the woman who has my child. I love you more than you think. But at that time, I felt that I loved you many times more than before. Many times! "

Victor said these words in a serious tone, which surprised Sophia. It seemed that his surroundings were surrounded by a layer of silver mist.

The man in front of Sophia was so perfect in her eyes, which made Sophia feel that it was an illusion.

Looking at Sophia's expression on her face, Victor couldn't help laughing. It seemed true that a pregnant woman was stupid for three years.

Victor had said a lot of sweet words to Sophia, but somehow this time, it felt like he had talked to her countless times in her dream like this, so familiar.

Sophia called his name lig

at and tidy as before.

What's more, Zed's temperament was not as pure as before.

Such a handsome but unpredictable man was drinking to relieve his melancholy, which undoubtedly attracted the curiosity of lonely women in the bar.

Some women couldn't help but get up and sit beside Zed, filling Zed's glass with wine.

Zed always said in a low voice, which made people's hair stand on end.

"Fuck off!"

Zed had said this many times tonight.

A woman with delicate make-up pushed the door open and walked in. Her purple curly hair fell over her shoulders casually. The neckline of her red silk dress was very low, revealing her plump breasts. Her slender legs and seductive eyes were so hot.

Zed looked up at this eye-catching woman. Driven by alcohol, Zed stood up, pulled the woman to his side and kissed her without saying anything.

"Sally! You... Why did you do this to me! I have given you money, and the two of us trade equally... Why did you join hands with Charles to fool me? "

The woman in front of him was frightened by Zed. She raised her hand and slapped him. The slap on Zed's face only made Zed feel a burning pain.

The bar suddenly became more lively, and the noise of people made Zed feel headache.

"What's going on?"

"Are they a couple? Why did they fight?"

"Maybe this man is messing around outside?"

"But this woman doesn't look like a good woman that her dressed like this? I'm afraid this woman is messing around outside. "

Zed didn't want to hear what people said, He also couldn't hear clearly.

The slightly angry woman in front of him blushed with anger.

"Are you fucking insane? Who is Sally? Please don't drink so much without your brain! "

Zed really didn't believe that the woman in front of him was so similar to Sally that he thought she was Sally.

The pretty woman was about to leave in her high heels angrily.

What the hell? She was in a good mood, but when she came to the bar to meet her friends, she was kissed by a man with a strong smell of alcohol!

However, Zed grabbed her wrist again.

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