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   Chapter 364 Sign The Contract

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 10554

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Seeing Zed come in, Charles put the unfinished cigarette into the ashtray.

"Mr. Zed, you are finally here. I have been waiting for you here for a long time."

Zed picked up a cigarette from the cigarette box from the hand of Charles, pulled out one and slowly lit it.

In fact, Zed wanted to come to meet Charles. Moreover, he didn't discuss with Teresa about the cooperation of a new company, so he didn't dare to act rashly.

Moreover, Zed didn't have much contact with Charles. They had only drunk together for a few times, so they were just ordinary friends.

But what Charles said really tantalized Zed. Zed really wanted to defeat Victor. He really wanted to see Victor fall from the top and Zed also really wanted to replace Victor so bad.

Therefore, Zed hesitated for a long time and finally came to see Charles.

"Tell me, how do you want to cooperate with me to set up a big company that can resist the YS Group?"

"The company I'm going to set up with you is not only a big company that can resist the power of the YS Group, but also a good weapon to defeat Victor."

Charles slowly spit out the circle of light. Seeing the slightly changed expression on Zed's face, Charles wore an unpredictable smile at the corners of his mouth.

Charles knew that he had only met and drunk with Zed for a few times. He proposed to set up a company with Zed that Zed must be confused.

But Charles knew what Zed wanted the most.

Moreover, Zed had something on Charles that even Zed himself didn't know...

Charles struck while the iron was hot.

"I heard that your company is having a meeting today. Vic president Zed is really embarrassed by Victor..."

The three words "Vice president Zed" irritated Zed again for no reason. It was not until then that Zed realized that he really cared about the three words "Vice president Zed".

"I have no choice. Victor is so popular and I want to have a rest. It's not a big deal to get my salary as usual, and I don't have to worry about so much. If I have nothing to do, I can go home and accompany my wife. This kind of life is more comfortable."

Zed said in an extremely stable tone, which made Charles feel miserable for him.

Because the steady tone was not like the tone of an ordinary person when he was extremely calm, but the tone when he desperately wanted to suppress some kind of emotion that was about to erupt.

Charles knew that Zed was a pride man, so Zed wouldn't lose his temper in front of him. But how angry was Zed?

Glancing at Zed's clenched fists, Charles smiled.

"Vic president Zed, Vic president Zed, oh! No, if you cooperate with me, I will let you be President Zed. It sounds great without the word "Vic". "

Zed knew that Charles was provoking him on purpose and that he cared about the name of vice president very much now.

Zed raised his voice and said, "Charles! What the hell do you want to say? "

Charles couldn't help laughing when he saw the angry look on Zed's face who was in a fancy suit and very handsome.

The laughter couldn't penetrate the private room where there were only two people. The sound waves reflected back and forth,

the smooth cooperation of the contract was against his expectation.

So Charles continued, "How about this? In the early stage, we two each take out five million dollars and gather together a total of ten million dollars. I'll ask my employees to quickly deal with this matter. After entering the office building you like, we'll soon be able to sit in the position you want to sit."

Zed frowned. This matter was really tricky. Zed, who had always been decisive, didn't dare to take action this time.

Because Charles said that he could only take out three million, and the remaining two million should be taken out by Zed, but the shares of the company was equally divided.

However, Zed saw clearly on the contract that he was just a nominal manager.

It seemed that Charles really wanted to fool him like he was a monkey. Charles really thought that Zed was blinded by jealousy and could sign the contract without looking at it.

Charles even lied that he would modify the contract if Zed had objection to it.

Zed got angry at once and slapped the pen in his hand. He threw it in front of Charles.

"Do you really think I'm that easy to be fooled? Let me tell you. I felt you were cheating at the beginning, but I just want to see what you want to do! I won't sign this contract. You are not the only one who can help me defeat Victor... "

Charles was shocked by Zed's sudden outburst. When he heard that Zed would not sign the contract, Charles was also enraged.

'It's a waste of time to talk to you here!' Charles thought.

However, Charles ignored Zed who was in a rage. After Zed calmed down, Charles rang the bell and ordered two glasses of wine.

Shaking the wine in his glass, Charles made a gesture of clinking glasses with Zed. Looking at Zed, who didn't have any reaction to his raising glass, he slowly said, "May I ask, Vic president Zed, did you have a good time some time ago?"

Zed paused for a moment and seemed to have understood something. He stared at Charles with his deep black eyes.

Charles didn't look at Zed, but kept tasting the wine in his glass.

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