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   Chapter 363 Being Rejected

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Under the gaze of no one, Zed pulled out a chair and sat down quietly.

He sat upright with no expression on his face.

Now, he just hated the ability of Victor, and that he unable to do what he hoped to do.

Silently clenching his fists, Zed thought to himself, 'I must defeat Victor.'.

At the meeting, the project manager introduced some project ideas of the companies that wanted to cooperate with their own company to the senior executives present one by one.

Under the leadership of Victor, all the employees in the company were full of energy and actively expressed their ideas at the meeting.

Victor was twirling the pen in his hand with his slender hand, and listening to other people's opinions from time to time.

He didn't know if Sophia had eaten well at home and had taken good care of herself.

Now, Victor couldn't live without Sophia. He felt sad even if he didn't see her for a while.

This time, Sophia really trapped him.

Victor couldn't help smiling at the thought that Christopher also urged him to marry Sophia.

Hearing no employee's words, Victor finally came to his senses and coughed.

But Victor found that everyone was looking at him with an unpredictable smile.

Zed was standing straight. It seemed that he had finished his opinion, but the other senior executives didn't say anything.

Zed stood awkwardly, put down his hand on the conference table and said again, "That's what I think. I think cooperating with this company will definitely bring greater profits to our company and achieve better performance."

"Their company has something that just our company needs, We also have something that their company needs. Isn't it a win-win solution in business? "

Still, no one agreed or raised an objection.

All of a sudden, the heated discussion and communication became extremely cold, which made everyone feel embarrassed, but no one wanted to break the embarrassing situation for Zed.

No one was willing to help the vice president of the company.

Zed suppressed his anger and clenched his fists which had burst out blue veins.

"I don't agree."

The cold voice was like a sharp knife cutting through the cold scene, and the sound liked the ice cube falling made the employees present gasp.

Victor calmly picked up the tea cup in front of him and took a sip. It was a little cold.

"Well, everyone, thank you for your hard work. The company's performance these days is obvious to all. It's late. We're dismissed. If you have any other questions, come to me tomorrow. Everyone got off work early today and had a good rest. You can leave now. "

Hearing what the general manager said, the employees breathed a sigh of relief and the atmosphere became lively.

"Okay, thank you, general manager. Bye."

The employees left in an orderly manner. Of course, some of them talked about the vice general manager when they left.

It seemed that it was the first time for Zed to get used to these employees talking about his shortcomings in a voice that they thought that Zed could not hear. Zed sat in his seat and looked at Victor, who was playing with his mobile phone

go on like this...

Otherwise, he would lose control of himself.

Reluctantly, Victor stopped what he was doing, touched Sophia's head and sat beside her.

Sophia smiled and continued her work.

Victor lay beside the Sophia and had a rest for a while.

Victor had worked too hard these days, and he had made a lot of achievements for the company.

Sophia drew following the inspiration and forgot Victor beside her. When Sophia turned to look at him, she found that he had fallen asleep.

His body rose and fell regularly. She looked at his beautiful sleeping face, put her hand gently on her belly and touched it.

Life was so wonderful. Sometimes Sophia could feel that there was a little life in her body that was real and greeted her.

But Sophia still turned to look at Victor. Sophia didn't understand why she liked the man in front of him so much.

Sophia knew that Victor had a lot of work to do recently, and he had to deal with a lot of complicated things. She couldn't help but feel sorry for him. She remembered that he hadn't come home for dinner because he was afraid of bothering her, but he was also afraid that he would not be able to take care of her because of work. Now he even went home early to accompany her, and her eyes were wet.

Not everyone could feel the feeling of being held in the palm of the person they loved. Sophia experienced all kinds of suffering, and now she finally felt happy.

Sophia leaned over to Victor and kissed him on the lips.

Unexpectedly, the man in front of her gently opened his eyes and kissed her back.

Sophia's face flushed crimson with shyness. He put his arms around Sophia's neck and kissed back in the most comfortable position for the two.

As the saying goes, the moon at the bottom of the sea is the moon in the sky, and the person in front of him is his sweetheart.

Zed came to the bar mentioned by Charles. As soon as Zed entered, someone waved at him and took him into the private room. He glanced at the cigarette in Charles's hand. It seemed that Charles had been waiting for him for a long time.

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