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   Chapter 362 Getting Drunk

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9469

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In a hotel room, the night was tempting.

As soon as Zed opened the door, he couldn't wait to kiss Sally hard on the door. Sally passively admitted his kiss, and her eyes were full of complacency. Men were the same. They said affectionately that they only loved one person, but in the end, they couldn't resist the temptation to come out to cheat on others. No wonder there were so many mistresses in this world now. The mistress outside always better than the wife at home.

Zed didn't care what Sally was thinking about. He just wanted to throw the woman in front of him on the bed as soon as possible and then comfort his desire.

*** Zed saw the triumphant smile on Sally's face and a strange light flashed in her eyes.

Thinking of what happened last time, Zed felt that something was wrong.

Thinking of this, Zed gradually slowed down.


"Let me ask you, did you design the last incident and this one? !" Zed questioned. As a result, when Sally heard Zed's question, she was stunned for a moment, and then denied, "How can it be! We are just destined to be together. Fate seems to be very wonderful. "

"Humph, I hope so." Zed couldn't help but snort, and his passion and desire began to cool down.

"Oh, Mr. Zed, let's stop talking about this. Let's continue..."Sally turned her eyes and teased Zed, with her index finger constantly drawing circles on his chest.

Zed shook off Sally's hand. He was not in the mood to do that and had no energy. All he wanted was to leave the hotel as soon as possible.

After that, Zed got out of bed and left the hotel. He was only half drunk when the cold wind blew him at night. Now he was soberer and soberer.

Thinking of what had just happened with Sally, Zed couldn't help but feel remorseful again. Was he drunk and lost his soul? How could he be with that woman again...

After walking along the street for a while, Zed went back to the door of the bar.

Zed smiled bitterly and walked in again. After drinking a few glasses of wine, he felt dizzy again, but it was much happier than when he was sober that thinking about the annoying things for nothing. At least at this time he could pretend to know nothing.

This time, no one came to seduce him like Sally. He had drunk for a long time, and some other women who had intentions on him were roared away by him before they approached.

"Hahaha... Hahaha... " Drinking and drinking, Zed couldn't help laughing, which was a helpless smile, laughing at his helplessness.

The bartender standing in front of the bar counter was speechless when he saw this scene. But he didn't think it was strange. Maybe it was because Zed was stimulated during the day and came here at night and wanted to drink down his sorrow.

"Sir, our boss is going to close the door in advance today. What do you think..." A w

for the senior executives' meeting. Have you forgotten? !"

Hearing Teresa's words, Zed suddenly remembered this matter. Yesterday before he got off work, his secretary specially told him this matter, telling him not to forget and not to be late.

"Gee," Zed rubbed his hair irritably, got up in a hurry, washed and tidied up, and drove to the company without breakfast.

Recently, his employees and senior executives had been dissatisfied with him. If he was late again... Maybe they would give him a hard time.

However, Zed drove as fast as he could, and finally failed to catch up with the time. Being late had become an established fact.

Standing at the door of the meeting room, Zed's hands were trembling. He didn't want to open the door for a long time when he recalled the unpleasant memories of the last two times here.

It was not until the secretary came to pour tea for the people in the meeting that she saw Zed standing at the door.

"Vice president, are you... Why don't you go in? Are you late? " The secretary guessed.

"…… I'll go in now. " Zed twitched his mouth awkwardly, then turned the doorknob and went in.

The slide was playing in the meeting room, which was very quiet. As soon as Zed came in, he was naturally very eye-catching.

Fortunately, the meeting room was dark because of the slide. No one paid attention to the sound and then looked at the screen again.

Zed found a seat and sat down, but as soon as he sat down, he heard a slightly sarcastic voice.

"Mr. Zed, you are so arrogant. How could you be late for such an important meeting? Ha ha... "

It turned out that he was a manager who always disliked Zed.

Zed was in the wrong, so he didn't say anything to refute. He just gritted his teeth to hold back his anger.

"Ha ha." Seeing that Zed didn't say anything, the manager just sneered and didn't say anything more.

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