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   Chapter 361 A Coincidence With Sally

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"Honey, it's all my fault. But you'd better have a good rest at home. I'll eat in the company. " Victor said helplessly.

"Okay." Sophia knew that Victor was worried about her and didn't want her to be tired. "Then you should go to have lunch now. It's almost over the lunch time."

"Yes, yes, honey. I'll go to have lunch right away. My body is the common property of our couple. I can't starve."

On the other side of the phone, Sophia blushed and said, "What are you talking about?"

They could not help keeping talking with each other for a while. Then the two hung up the phone reluctantly.

After the phone call with Sophia, Victor was in a good mood with a faint smile on his face. Other employees were surprised to see Mr. Victor like this.

Of course, Victor didn't know what his dear employees thought of him.

A few days later, after Victor finished his work, the YS Group returned to normal and the profit began to rise steadily. It was actually 10% more than before. The employees and shareholders were naturally happy to see that.

In the past few days, Victor began to prepare for a new round of general shareholder's meeting. Firstly, he wanted to sum up the previous profits and losses, and secondly, he wanted to make a simple report of the company's future development, so that shareholders could rest assured.

As the vice president, Zed was naturally not absent. He sat in his seat and looked at the shareholders who seemed to be in high spirits. Zed was not unfamiliar with them. He could still remember their sneer at him at the last general shareholder's meeting.


When the shareholders saw Victor, they all flattered Victor and generously praised Victor.

Zed could not help but sneer.

Unfortunately, no one paid attention to him at all.

All in all, it was still Zed who was unhappy at the general shareholder's meeting. Compared with the humiliation he had suffered last time, this time was even worse, because it was the most unbearable thing to lose face in front of Victor.

When other shareholders left, they were all happy, and each of them showed a positive attitude to the management ability of Victor.

Zed's face had never been better since Victor came back to the YS Group. Every time the two met in the company, Zed couldn't help but want to sneer at Victor, but Zed was completely ignored by Victor, as if Zed was invisible, as air! Even if Zed wanted to say something, he didn't know how to say it.

After work, Zed l

in his arms, closed the door from inside, pressed Sally against the wall and kissed her fiercely.

After the two of them finished, Zed acted as if nothing had happened. As for Sally, her hair was wet with sweat, and her clothes were in a mess.

"You are still so rude." Sally didn't tidy up her clothes and just looked at Zed with seductive eyes.

Being stared at by Sally like this, Zed's emotion surged up again.

Zed took off his suit jacket and put it on Sally. Then he carried her out of the bar.

Squinting his eyes, Zed didn't intend to drive by himself. He called a taxi on the road and asked the driver to drive to the nearest hotel.

The driver near the bar had already been used to this kind of scene!

The moral degeneration of the world was getting worse and worse!

The driver shook his head, but didn't say anything. He didn't care what others did as long as he could get the money. He just drove his own car without looking sideways.

Soon they arrived at the hotel. Zed threw a bill to the driver, and then walked towards the hotel with Sally in his arms, looking anxious.

"It seems that Mr. Zed finally knows how good I taste. Last time you were not so enthusiastic." Sally smiled in Zed's arms. Her face was flushed and there were some hickeys on her skin.

Zed snorted and didn't say anything. He didn't care anything. The most important thing now was to alienate his desire!

It was so similar to the last time, but this time, the more anxious person was Zed, and Sally looked like the one who was forced.

In fact, it was just a mutual willingness. One was willing to beat, and the other was willing to take it.

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