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   Chapter 357 It's Him

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9791

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"Don't worry. Victor is on the other side with Sophia. I'm sure he won't let Sophia get hurt. Sophia is his treasure. We'd better figure out a way to deal with these bad things on the Internet. " Leon comforted Rita.

As for the initiator, Teresa, at this moment, she was sitting proudly in the villa, turning on the computer and reading the comments online against Sophia and Soph-Ri studio. How dare Sophia fight against Teresa? 'Humph, I'll ruin your reputation. Sophia! At that time, let's see how Christopher will accept you as his "unclean" granddaughter-in-law! I'm afraid that you will only be a shame and stain to Xiao family!'

Thinking of this, Teresa couldn't help but sneer contemptuously.

'You deserve it. Sophia. Why do you be with Victor?'

The news on the Internet quickly spread to Xiao family members' ears, of course, it was not without the help of Teresa and Teresa's parents.

Christopher was skeptical about the news on the Internet, but in fact, he still didn't believe it. He believed in Victor's insight and believed that the woman, Sophia, he fell in love with didn't seem the person who could do such a thing. Moreover, Christopher had heard that Victor also went to Milan in the final with Sophia. How could Sophia do such a thing in front of Victor?

The more Christopher thought about it, the more Christopher believed in Sophia.

Victor's parents didn't express their opinions. As for Zed's parents, they kept sneering at Victor, saying that Victor had no sense of propriety and bad taste. Now Victor was cuckolded.

How could Victor's parents feel comfortable to hear such words? So the two groups of people began to quarrel with each other. At last, Christopher lost his temper and they calmed down. Otherwise, no one knew what would happen.

Sophia went to bed early tonight. In the past few days, facing the rumors on the Internet, she chose to be indifferent. She shrugged as if nothing had happened. She believed that a clean hand wanted no washing.

But in fact, how could she not care at all? Victor was undoubtedly the one who saw the most clearly. Looking at Sophia and her self-conceited smile every day, he was worried about her, and at the same time, he felt sorry for her.

He also saw the gossip on the Internet. Those words were like a sharp blade, enough to hurt a person's heart and mind. How could she pretend to know nothing?

What's more, Sophia didn't go out these days. Once she went out, she would be surrounded by those netizens who were not afraid of making a scene, and then there would be a burst of sarcasm.

This kind of thing could be tolerated easily for Sophia, but how could Victor?!

Victor even used his own connections to warn those people, but they pretended not to dare again on the surface. The next day, they went to the Internet to continue to slander, even including slandering Victor. They said that Victor was arrogant just because

es would agree, but James just shook his hand and finally refused. Victor thought carefully and understood some of James's concerns. After all, although the father and the daughter knew each other now, they might still have some knots in their hearts. James probably was afraid that Sophia didn't want to see him

From these details, it could be seen that James really loved and cherished his daughter, Sophia

Now Sophia was more and more drowsy. Normally, she would get up early every day because of the design competition. But now that this matter was over, she would directly sleep until she woke up naturally. It was inevitable that pregnant women were a little drowsy.

When Sophia got up, she felt much better. As soon as she went downstairs, she saw Victor leaning against the sofa, seeming to be asleep.

"Victor." Sophia walked to him and patted him on the shoulder.

After Victor came back, he lay on the sofa to catch up on sleep. Now hearing Sophia's voice, he suddenly woke up.

"What's wrong, Sophia?"

The dark circles under Victor's eyes couldn't be ignored. Sophia looked at him lovingly and asked, "Didn't you sleep last night? Why are there dark circles under your eyes? "

"HMM... I took a plane to Milan last night. " Victor didn't want to hide anything from Sophia so that he told the truth to Sophia directly.

"Milan..." Sophia reacted in a short time. "Did you go to see Mr. Michel?"

"Well, I met an unexpected person, too." Victor touched Sophia's head and asked, "Guess who it is?"

"How can I guess that?" Sophia curled her lips. She was moved by what Victor did last night, but she was also a little dissatisfied. She was not in a hurry to deal with this kind of thing. It was the same as earlier or later. Why did he go to Milan at night?

After all, she still felt sorry for him.

"Well, I won't keep you in suspense." Victor raised his head to looked at Sophia and answered, "It's uncle James."

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