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   Chapter 355 The Final

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"You just found it out now. But no matter how annoying I am, you can't get rid of me. I will pester you for the rest of my life." Victor didn't get annoyed. He put the book aside and put his arms around Sophia's waist.

"Humph!" Sophia giggled in his arms and patted his solid chest.

"Now that you have said so, I have to confirm it. Otherwise, I will be framed for nothing." Victor smiled.

Sophia glared at him coquettishly and said, "Shame on you!"

"What a big grievance! It seems that we really need to have to do something!" Victor pretended to take off his clothes.

Seeing that he put his slender fingers on the buttons of his shirt, Sophia blushed all of a sudden. She really thought that Victor was going to do something.

However, after waiting for a long time, she saw that his hand was still there. She looked up along his neck and found that he was looking at her with a faint smile!

"You look expectant, honey!" Victor teased Sophia.

Sophia turned her head away from him angrily.

"Are you angry?" Victor shook his head with pity. God knew how hard it was for him to sleep with the woman in his arms every night. The woman was beside him, but he could only look at her without doing other things. It was a torture for a vigorous man!

As soon as Victor finished speaking, Sophia's face, which was not very red, was covered with a layer of rouge again. How could this person not speak properly!

Sophia lowered her head and snorted. She couldn't understand why she was so disappointed just now.

"Did you feel disappointed just now? It was obviously that you were expecting me to do something to you, but there was a little person in his belly. Alas... I also want to do it, but we have to think about our child, right? " Victor said earnestly.

Sophia was speechless. It sounded like she was dissatisfied?

At the end of the month, the final of the design competition officially began. The competition venue was in Milan. A day ago, the four people arrived at the hotel by plane and participated in the opening ceremony.

After all, it was a well-known design competition, and many big shots had participated in the opening ceremony. During the ceremony, some people mentioned this young talent, Sophia, saying that they had a deep impression on her, and hoped that she could go all out to get a good result in the final.

Of course, they were happy to see this. They were not afraid of being famous. Soph-Ri studio was now a new fashion studio. The more famous it was, the better it would be for Sophia and Rita.

"Sophia. You are really a big shot in our studio! Ha ha ha! You are awesome! " Obviously, Rita was very happy, mainly because she felt happy for her besti

sign a necklace, but when she knew the theme of the final, she suddenly changed her mind. She didn't ask for the first place. She just wanted to tell Victor her feelings and told him that she loved him for her whole life. That was all.

After she finished the last stroke, a satisfied smile appeared on Sophia's lips. It was not a work that she had been thinking for a long time, but a finished work with sudden inspiration. It was the work that condensed her deepest feelings.

The designs were handed over to the judges respectively, and the specific details would not be decided until three days later. After all, Nolan Michel was the chief judge. He had skimmed through all the design drawings first, mainly to see Sophia's work. He had been paying attention to Sophia just now, and found that she seemed to be smiling happily all the time when she draw. What kind of work was it? Why did she show such an expression?

The moment Mr. Michel saw Sophia's work, he couldn't help but feel a little moved. Some of the past slowly came to his mind, replaying in his mind, as if he had returned to the youth.

The four of them took advantage of the three days of the review to have a trip in Milan.

Sophia didn't tell the other three what her design was. Rita had made up her mind to ask, but it turned out that Sophia didn't tell her even one word.

"Alas, we are still best friends. How could you hide such a thing from me? Waah... Waah..." Rita began to perform exaggeratedly.

"Well, nowadays, best friends are worthless, so I won't tell you." Sophia looked at Rita with a smile.

Leon looked at the two helplessly, while Victor just looked at them quietly. When he looked at Sophia, a smile appeared on his face from time to time.

Three days passed quickly, and the result came out soon.

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