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   Chapter 354 Too Deep Into The Play

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"Ha ha, maybe in your previous life, you had an inexorable bond with jewelry design." Rita drank some more wine and was a little drunk now. "Anyway, we can work hard!"

"Leon," Suddenly Victor called him.

When they were having dinner, Leon had been holding Rita's hand to stop her from drinking, but he couldn't. Now that Victor called Leon that and saw the direction in Victor's sight, it was Rita, who was drunk and hazy, and Leon immediately understood what Victor meant.

"Sophia. Rita and I are leaving now. She is a little drunk." Leon stood up and held Rita.

"Who? Who said I was drunk? You, you, you... You are drunk! " Rita was probably dissatisfied with Leon's words. She groaned and moaned.

"Okay, okay. You're not drunk. I'm drunk, okay?" Leon patted Rita's back gently and said dotingly.

"Well, well That's right. Let's go, my little submissive. "

Leon's face darkened. Little submissive?

"Well, little submissive, why don't you support your Queen quickly!"

Leon was speechless... Was this too far into the play?

Forget it. He was a generous man. He didn't want to argue with a drunk woman.

Sophia looked at the two people with a funny expression and didn't know what to say.

Soon, Leon drove Rita out of the villa and went home. After the two left, Sophia and Victor turned back to the living room.

"Don't worry. Leon is not Rita. He will take good care of Rita." Victor knew that Sophia was worried about Rita, but he didn't know what would happen to Rita if she was accompanied by Leon?

Rita and Leon were complementary to each other.

"I know," Sophia said with a smile.

When the two of them were about to go out for a walk, an unexpected guest came.

Looking at Zed, who was standing at the door, Victor frowned. Sophia was confused why this man came here? Did she want to stir up trouble?

Without taking the initiative to speak, Victor looked at Zed indifferently.

Finally, Zed spoke first.

"Victor, you must be the one who caused all the troubles in the company recently, right?" Zed looked at Victor and asked in a stiff tone.

"Oh? You mean the loss of the YS Group recently? " Victor said as true as false.

"Or what? I don't think I can put the company into that kind of situation with my own ability, only if you don't have a secret operation against me! " There was a bit of arrogance in Zed's words. He was completely sure of one fact in his heart, that was, it was because Victor was secretly against him that the YS Group suffered such a loss. If it was not so, then it must be...

"Wow, you really think highly of yourself." After hearing Zed's words, Victor couldn't help but wear a contemptuous and sarcastic smile at the corners of his mouth. Victor really didn't want to talk more with such a person. Victor just lowered his level if he talked to Zed.

"Even if it's really my secret box operatio

Zed looked very tired today, so she didn't say anything to bother him. Anyway, it was just the first round. Could Sophia win the first place in the final?

Well, how could Teresa believe it? There were a lot of masters in the design competition. If Sophia passed the first round, she might just be lucky.

"All right, Zed. Let's go to bed. You look tired today, don't you?" Teresa lay down beside Zed.

Zed closed his eyes with Teresa in his arms.

Christopher asked Victor to have a rest for a while. Victor could take the previous holiday back and go to the company to resume his work at the beginning of the month.

Victor didn't refuse. On the contrary, he thought it was exactly what he wanted, because the final of the design competition was coming in these days, and he could spare time to take care of Sophia.

As the final was coming, Sophia was a little nervous these days. At the same time, she was trying to think of the design work to be designed in the final.

In the living room of Xiao family's villa.

Sophia was reading a book about jewelry appreciation with great interest. At the same time, there were a few pencil and drawings in her hand. It was a sketch drawn casually when Sophia was inspired.

Victor sat beside her and looked at her serious expression and he smiled.

This was probably the so-called peaceful time.

Sophia was fascinated about the book, but the burning sight of the person beside her could not be ignored.

"Victor, don't look at me like that. I can't even read a book." Sophia complained in a low voice.

"Then don't look at it anymore." Victor decisively took the book from Sophia's hands and said, "You have read it for so long. Don't you feel tired of your eyes?"

"No, No." Sophia tried to grab the book from Victor's hand back, but he raised one hand and she couldn't touch it at all.

"You are so annoying." Sophia decided to give up struggling.

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