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   Chapter 351 Forgive Him

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9349

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Sometimes, the more you wanted to escape something, the faster it would come, just like at this moment.

At this moment, Zed just wanted to forget what happened last night, but Teresa mentioned it again and asked directly. He was at a loss and dodged her questioning eyes.

"Last night..." Zed paused, not knowing what to say.

Putting down the bowl and chopsticks, Teresa looked at Zed quietly and asked, "What's wrong?"

"No, it's not a big deal." Zed forced a smile and his eyes flashed a dim light. Last night... What should he say? He had tried his best to forget what had happened last night, but... The memory remains indelible, they were always lingering in his mind...

"Is it... Did you do something wrong to me outside and feel guilty now? For example, you were very tired because you met a beautiful woman after you went out last night, and then you couldn't help but betray me? " Teresa said jokingly. In her heart, she believed that Zed would not do such a thing to betray her. She said that just to make fun of him. There was no other meaning.

But what Teresa said meant something different to Zed.

Because what Teresa said did happen last night. It was not that he couldn't control himself, but that he didn't have the chance to control himself at all. That woman had drugged him!

At the thought of Sally, Zed was burning with anger, but he couldn't show any unusual expression in front of Teresa.

Therefore, he had to suppress the anger deep in his heart, stood up, walked to Teresa, held her in his arms, and whispered an affectionate oath in her ear. "Teresa, I swear, from now on, I will definitely protect you, care about you, and will never betray you. I love you!"

Since he couldn't change what had happened, he swore from now on that such a thing would never happen a second time!

"Well, I know..." Hearing this, Teresa was stunned. She just didn't expect that what she had joked just now would be exchanged with such a deep and unshakable oath of Zed. "Zed..."

The two of them had a good time. They used a lot of time to finish the lunch, the maid also laughed at Zed from time to time when she was cleaning up the table and chair.

They were all young people! The maid sighed.

"Zed, after the rest, are you going to the company this afternoon? I called you today, but no one answered. I called your office, but your secretary said that you didn't go. I'm afraid that people in the company will gossip again. " Holding Zed's hand, Teresa said as if she remembered something when the two of them just came back from a walk after lunch and walked to the door.

Hearing what Teresa said, Zed suddenly remembered that his mobile phone had run out of power and turned off automatically. He threw it on the car casually.

"I wanted to call you wh

nderstand... Last night, even if you didn't say those words, I actually knew that... I'm really not as good as Victor. Otherwise, why can the YS Group go smoothly in his hands, while in my hands, I can only get the dissatisfaction of those shareholders and employees? " Zed sighed helplessly. He had always been clear about some things, but he was unwilling to admit them.

Could he really compare with Victor? Some words were just deceiving themselves.

The reason why he hated a person was that the person was tens of millions of times better than him and had something that he would never have, which made him jealous and gradually deepened into a deep hatred.

Victor and Zed were just like that.

"Zed, this... It's not your fault! After all, Victor has been in power for so many years. He is much more experienced than you. Just as I said before, you haven't adapted to it just because you have just taken over it. You will be fine soon. " Teresa comforted Zed.

"I hope it's really just because of experience..." Zed smiled with self-mockery. He knew something very well.

"Zed, I think... Is it really because of what Victor has done that the business and performance of the YS Group has been so bad these days? " It suddenly occurred to Teresa that the fake thing they had mentioned to Christopher before was not impossible. She could not help but confirm this conjecture.

"What... What do you mean?" Zed was confused.

"As you know, Victor has been in power for a long time, and the companies the YS Group has cooperated with must have a deep relationship with Victor. If Victor tells them something about one or two things..." Teresa voiced out her guess.

"Do you mean that all these difficulties have been secretly instigated by Victor? But... Is that possible? " Zed doubted. Although he didn't think that Victor was such a person...

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