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   Chapter 349 An Absurd Night

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9377

Updated: 2020-05-07 00:38

Last night, it must be this woman who had sex with him when he was drunk...

Thinking of this, Zed gritted his teeth with anger.

But on second thought, Zed felt that no matter how drunk he was, he wouldn't be so easily fooled by this woman to a hotel room... He recalled that the heroine of his "sweet dream" yesterday was Teresa. When he woke up, he found that it was this strange woman! And this woman seemed to know him?!

"Did you do something last night? Do you drug me? !" Such a guess came to Zed's mind.

With such a guess in his mind, Zed's eyes on Sally became unfriendly.

"Well, as the ruler of the YS Group, how can you slander others without evidence? I didn't drug you! "

It was true that she didn't put the drug, but it was she who asked someone to do it. Sally smiled.

Zed looked at Sally suspiciously and frowned. If it weren't for her, who else could it be? "Humph, who else could be? Do you think I wi

a. This is the first time for our studio to face the domestic and foreign masses..."

"Okay, I know." Victor laughed, "I just feel sorry for you because you are so busy recently and you are pregnant."

Sophia leaned against Victor's chest with a happy smile.

"But, to be honest, are you really not going back to the YS Group? If the YS Group without you, how could it be called the YS Group? I'm just worried about the YS Group that one day, Zed will...

Although what you said is true, I don't think that those shareholders and Christopher can also watch the YS Group go on like this. I heard that at the last general shareholder's meeting, those old fellows let Zed go because Teresa contributed to make up for the loss of the YS Group, but that is not a permanent solution. " After all, Sophia was still a little uneasy and kept thinking about it.

What's more, what happened when Zed came out of the hotel this morning?

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