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   Chapter 348 Have You Drunk

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"Hello? Sally Shen, it's done. "

"Oh? Did he drink it? "

"Yes, he drank it without any precaution. Now it is waiting for you to come personally." The waitress said to the person on the other end of the phone with a smile.

"Well done. I've transferred the money to your account. Check it if you have time." A woman's voice came from the other end of the line.

"Sally Shen, what are you talking about? I trust you with all my heart. There is no need to check." The waitress flattered.

The woman that the waitress talked to on the phone named Sally Shen. She hung up the phone soon after she heard that Zed had drunk that bottle of wine.

The waitress said she trusted Sally Shen, but after hanging up the phone, she skipped work and went to the ATM near the bar to take out a bank card to check the balance.

Seeing the balance in the bank card was exactly the number she wanted, the waitress smiled with satisfaction. There was nobody around, she left with satisfaction.

On the other side, Zed was drinking and didn't notice anything wrong. Even though he wanted drink down his sorrow, the wine didn't dispel his sadness.

It was said that alcohol was a good thing. It could temporarily paralyze people's nerves, but after drinking three bottles, Zed became more sober.

It hurt, very painful, heartbroken.

Just as Zed was thinking about what had happened before, a woman in plain clothes with light makeup, twisting her slim waist, walked straight to him with a glass of wine in her hand. Finally, she stopped beside Zed and sat down gently.

The woman had been staring at Zed since he entered the bar. She was Sally Shen.

In a trance, Zed thought he had seen Teresa. This woman's dressing style was somewhat similar to that of Teresa, especially when Zed was in a haze and drunk state. In addition, he had been drugged by Sally Shen...

"Teresa..." Zed sat destructively, staring at the bottle in his hand which was constantly stroked up and down the bottle, and couldn't help crying out in a low voice.

Even if Teresa didn't love him, he still loved her and never changed. As long as he saw her, he couldn't help but surrender, even if he repeatedly told himself in his heart that no, no, but.

just a dream, but then he turned his eyes and saw a woman sitting on the sofa not far away, with her back to him. She was still wearing the shirt he wore yesterday.

But when he looked carefully, he felt that this figure was not like Teresa at all.

Hearing Zed's voice, Sally Shen turned her head. When Zed saw Sally Shen's face, he was stunned for a moment. How could this be his Teresa?

She was obviously an extremely strange woman! He had never seen her before!

"Who are you? Why are you here?" Zed's tone suddenly became gloomy and cold.

"Zed, didn't you bring me to the hotel yesterday? Why don't you recognize me when you wake up? " Sally Shen said calmly. Seeing the furious look on Zed's face, she couldn't help laughing.

"You! How could it be possible? What nonsense are you talking about! Besides, who allows you to call me Zed? !" Hearing Sally Shen's words, Zed flew into a rage. He took this woman to a hotel room? How could it be possible!

"I didn't talk about nonsense! Shouldn't it be the woman who is wronged? Why are you wronged there? " Sally Shen put the cigarette into the ashtray, stood up and walked to the bed, looking at Zed.

"Get out!" Zed glared at Sally Shen.

But Sally Shen didn't buy it at all. "Get out? What's wrong? You had a good night last night, but you wanted to drive me away today. I never do a business at a loss. " Sally said meaningfully.

Hearing Sally Shen's suggestion, Zed had a worse impression of this woman!

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