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   Chapter 345 Plan

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"Listen to me first!" Teresa suddenly stood up with her hands on the table.

The shareholders didn't say anything more. They looked at Teresa together and wanted to know what else she could say.

Trying to hold back her displeasure, Teresa took a deep breath and said, "No matter what, I promise you that the YS Group will still be the same as before. This will never change!"

"Promise? What promise can you make? " Someone sneered sharply.

"The An Group." Teresa looked at the person who spoke, "don't forget that the cooperation between Yao group and the An Group is still there. Moreover, now that I'm married to Zed, my father can't watch the YS Group suffer a loss all the time, because it's not only your loss, but also our loss. You have said before that our relationship is that we would win or lose together. It is the same to the An Group and the YS Group. "

"Oh? Mrs. Teresa, you mean... " The shareholder who had a sharp tone looked at Teresa in a leisurely manner.

"The An Group and the YS Group are on the same side." After thinking for a while, Teresa continued, "Besides, as mentioned by Zed, he has just taken over the YS Group. It's impossible for him to deal with everything properly in a short time. I believe that as long as he gets familiar with it, the YS Group will soon get rid of the current predicament."

"Why should we believe you? A mere verbal statement is no guarantee. Everyone knows how to brag. We have seen the loss of the company these days. But now you are going to say something to cover it up so easily? Do you think we shareholders are idiots? "

Clenching her teeth, Teresa looked at that shareholder and wished she could slap him in the face. Did this person mean to oppose them?!

"Enough!" Zed pounded the table and stood up in anger. Looking at the shareholders, he felt so ashamed that he was about to be swallowed up. When did he become such a coward?

Victor, Victor! It was all because of Victor!

The shareholders were also infuriated by Zed's attitude. Zed had caused the company to lose money all the time. Who was he going to give his long face to now? Give them? Was it their fault?

"Mr. Zed, you have such a bad temper!" Someone sneered.

These shareholders were relatively older. Normally, when Victor was present, he had never been so angry with them like Zed. Zed was very 'impressive'!

Glaring at Zed secretly, Teresa thought to herself, 'Zed is too blind at this moment. He knows clearly that he will never get a good face if he against the shareholders, and even... If the shareholders put pressure on Zed, then... What they had done to force Victor to leave was in vain!

At the thought of Victor, the look in Teresa's eyes became strange again. If it were Victor who met this situation, he

ost and he looked... TSK, TSK, TSK, he had lost miserably! " Another employee nodded, as if he was watching a good show.

"It could be told from his look! And didn't you see the expression on Teresa's face? She seemed to have eaten shit. I don't know why, but I just want to laugh! " Hearing the discussion between the two, staff C quickly came over and smiled happily.

"You're already laughing," one of the employees rolled his eyes and exposed her bluntly. "But to be honest, it's really a pleasure to see Teresa's sad face!"

"Exactly! To be honest, I don't think Zed has the ability to manage a company. When Mr. Victor was here, our company was prosperous... Although Mr. Victor is a little cruel, his ability is really amazing! " Another employee said seriously.

"Really? I also think that Zed's ability... TSK, TSK, TSK, he can't compare with Mr. Victor at all! Victor is absolutely crushing Zed! "

"Haha, Zed is incapable!" The other employee said in a serious tone within three seconds.

"Be careful not to be heard by others. Men hate being said to be incapable most ~ hahaha..."

"I just said something to be true..."

After half a day of gossiping, several employees returned to their positions.

As for in the office...

Zed didn't close the door as he knew that Teresa followed him in. He sat down on the sofa dejectedly.

Teresa suffered a lot this afternoon. After entering the door, she slammed the door with hatred. Only a muffled sound could be heard.

Zed frowned but didn't say anything. He just fixed his eyes on a certain place and almost collapsed into the sofa, full of decadence.

Seeing him like this, Teresa was furious again. She threw her bag to Zed, and then turned around to the bathroom in the office. She took a shower, changed her clothes and stayed inside for a long time before coming out.

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