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   Chapter 342 You Will Be In Big Trouble

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"You are just so polite?" Zed smiled modestly, but he didn't really mean to refuse. "We are here to seek cooperation and we even need Mr. Jack to pay for our dinner!"

It was a habit of the domestic people to talk about business at dinner. Sometimes when they drank together, the deal would come to succeed.

Zed knew that the reason why Jack invited them to dinner was that Jack was willing to give them this opportunity. Of course, Zed would not let this opportunity go.

"Don't be shy. It's not a big deal! A comer is a guest, and a guest is a friend. I just want to make friends with you. " Jack and Zed kept talking and Jack didn't forget to talk about Teresa and changed the way he called her. "Miss Teresa, do you want to refuse me?"

After a quiet afternoon, Teresa also smiled for the whole afternoon. Then she moved her stiff face and said gently, "How can we disappoint Mr. Jack? It's up to you."

Jack smiled. He stood up and asked his secretary to come in. Then he was about to get the car ready.

Both Zed and Teresa got in the car prepared by Jack and didn't stop until they arrived at a well-known hotel.

It was easy to tell that Jack was a man of enjoyment. He didn't be wronged when it came to food and drink. After entering the private room, Jack ordered the dishes expertly. After being polite with Zed, he ordered all the dishes, including two bottles of red wine. Obviously, Jack was regular customer of this shop.

"Mr. Zed, you are several years younger than me. Can I call you Zed?" Jack asked the waiter to fill the glasses for the three of them and put down his burden in the company.

"You're welcome, Mr. Jack." Zed raised his glass and toasted to Jack. Zed drank it all in one gulp.

"You're welcome. Just call me Jack. Is that right, Teresa?" After drinking with Zed, Jack immediately went to drink with Teresa, beaming at her.

"Yes, Mr. Jack. I'd like to propose a toast to you." Teresa also raised her glass to drink. The spicy alcohol made her empty stomach a little uncomfortable, but she didn't show it on her face. She still smiled.

The dishes were served quickly. The three of them began to eat while talking. Seeing that the atmosphere was just right, Zed wanted to talk about the cooperation several times, but was avoided by Jack. At last, Jack even was a little unhappy.

"Zed, you are such a bummer. We go out for dinner and drink. That's fate. Don't talk about work after work. " Jack didn't let Zed talk about the project anymore. He poured Zed a glass of wine and was about to clink glasses with Zed.

Zed smiled awkwardly. He didn't want to ruin the business, so he drank with Jack in a hurry. After drinking for three rounds, Jack was a little drunk. He kept talking about the experience of these years, saying that he wanted to teach Zed.

Zed felt dizzy and kept nodding.

However, Teresa, who had drunk the least, saw clearly that Jack had been looking at her lustfully all the time. The obscene look in his turbid eyes made Teresa uncomfortable.

rich people. Only Zed was numb and not prepared for it. "It's lucky that I'm here to stop you today, or you'll be in trouble."

Zed felt so guilty that he lowered his head. He didn't know what was wrong with him at that moment. There was only one voice in his mind, beating him...

"But Jack said he would take revenge." Zed frowned at the thought.

After thinking for a moment, Teresa smiled confidently. "I have a way to make him not dare to hurt us."

Since she was used to the entertainment of these rich people, she naturally knew how to find their weaknesses. Teresa said that she would take care of this matter and she asked Zed to rest assure and find another partner.

Teresa knew that Jack was lascivious, but he was timid and proud. She had investigated Jack's favorite places and found a few beautiful girls to seduce him. They seduced him with a few sweet words.

They put something in Jack's wine, which made the old man very excited and unable to made any reasonable decision. Teresa asked someone to take many nude photos of him. His face was clearly visible.

When Jack woke up from a romantic night, he received the photos of Teresa. Teresa picked the most eye-catching ones for Mr. Jack to appreciate.

Teresa didn't say anything more. She just wrote "Teresa" on the back of the photo as the best warning to Mr. Jack.

If Jack wanted to do something, then Teresa didn't mind to fight him to the death. And neither of them could win.

This was exactly what Jack's weakness. He didn't dare to let these photos spread out, so he could only grit his teeth and let go of Zed and the YS Group.

"Mr. Zed, you are really something! I won't do anything to you, so don't spread it. I'm a man of my word. I hope Mr. Zed can be kind. That's it! " Jack sent a message to Zed, indicating that they were even.

Seeing the message, both Zed and Teresa felt relieved.

But after such a mess, time was wasted, and the problem of the YS Group still existed. Zed walked into a dead end again.

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