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   Chapter 341 Do You Regret It

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The sudden appearance of this woman eased the atmosphere, but there were more questions about the YS Group and Teresa.

The news hadn't subsided yet, and Teresa was still hiding at home, not daring to go out. No matter day or night, she pulled down the thick curtain and played deafening music to cover up the curses lingering in her ears.

But even so, the situation was very serious. Even if Teresa stayed at home all the time, the chaos would come in through little gaps of the windows. Some of them even sent threat letters and terrifying toys to Teresa, which scared her and made her cry for a long time.

For this matter, Zed ran around and used all his connections to find Orange Entertainment which had the recording and exposed it at the beginning.

Zed went straight to the door with the PR and lawyers of the YS Group.

"We also received a tip off from the anonymous man about the recording. The reporter who talked to the voice's owner is not one of us. " The person in charge of Orange Entertainment just wanted to earn more money after he received the money. He didn't intend to really have a grudge against the YS Group. Therefore, as soon as he saw Zed, he had made up his mind to settle the matter with money.

"We need you to withdraw your unrealistic comments on Miss Teresa and admit that it was that woman who had worked for us before did it. And publicly apologize to the YS Group. " The lawyer gave all the materials and statements he had prepared to Orange Entertainment, and most importantly, there was a large sum of money.

"Okay. Our Orange Entertainment don't want to go against the YS Group. I hope Mr. Zed can understand. " The person in charge, with a big smile on his face, sent Zed and the others away, ordered his men to modify the manuscript online, and also called Rita.

"Miss Rita, the YS Group's men have been here."

"They did it so fast. Didn't they make any trouble to you? " Rita knew that Zed would find Orange Entertainment sooner or later, so she had decided to give up because she had got what she wanted. She just wanted to teach Teresa a lesson. Thinking of that Teresa didn't dare to go out like a rat crossing the street, it was enough.

"No. you don't have to think about anything else since you can solve it with money. But we have to follow their procedures. "

"No problem. I have achieved what I want. " Rita hung up the phone and continued to browse Micro-Blog with her additional account. Rita would like to give a thumbs up to anyone who cursed Teresa.

At this point, the enthusiasm of this matter on the table was suppressed. But it was not easy to stop the curse about Teresa in private. The weakness of human nature was that one could be tainted with a little ink and become completely black in an instant. As long as a small hole was torn open, it would immediately turn into a torrent.

Teresa's emotion was on the verge of collapse. She panicked every day and couldn't even sleep well. When she saw Zed come back from work, she would take him as a vent to her emotions.

"Mr. Zed, you are back?! What kind of business have you been busy with today? Have you made any progress? " Sitting on the sofa witho

but only a little bit at the corners of his mouth. "Mr. Zed, don't be in such a hurry. Come on, have some tea."

"My tea is the best black tea I've asked someone to bring back from abroad. Mr. Zed, just have a taste?" Jack Jiang pushed the tea to Zed and picked up his own tea cup.

It was hard for Zed to refuse, so he picked it up and took a sip. "It's really good tea, and Mr. Jack knows how to live."

"Oh, my God. Look, I like a sensible man like Mr. Zed. " Jack Jiang looked at Zed happily, but his eyes occasionally glanced at Teresa, who was beside Zed. "We have long wanted to cooperate with the YS Group, and several projects are giving to your the YS Group first. But the previous Victor, who is too narrow-minded, can't see our benefits at all. He can only pick bones in eggs! "

"He is a picky man." Zed took over Jack Jiang's words and followed his words to scold Victor, feeling much better.

"Yes! You agree with me! " Jack Jiang turned to look at Teresa and said with a flattering smile, "Mr. Zed is really a man of insight and ability to do great things. Mrs. Teresa has a good eye for people."

After a few rounds of flattery, Jack Jiang finally opened his mouth. Jack Jiang didn't beat around the bush and talked about the project first.

"This project is very popular. If we have the channel, it won't be distributed. Now, many companies want to see me now. " Jack Jiang straightened his face and gave the materials to Zed and Teresa. "But we all know that the channel of the YS Group is obvious to all. We are not worried about it at all. But what do you want, Mr. Zed? "

"I know the competition for this project is very fierce. I don't dare to put forward any more conditions. But Mr. Jack, in terms of money... "

"I understand." Caressing his big belly, Jack Jiang smiled knowingly.

After the conversation, they got along well. It was getting dark outside. It was time for dinner.

"I'm so happy to have a few words with Mr. Zed today. How about I invite you two to dinner tonight?" Jack Jiang regained his oily smile and said, "Just take it as a return gift for Mr. Zed's wine."

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