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   Chapter 336 You Are Not As Good As Him

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The cooperation between the YS Group and James was officially broken up. All the work under the cooperation was stopped, and the funds were withdrawn. But fortunately, James paid the liquidated damages and left the project to the YS Group.

But it was undoubtedly a huge loss to the YS Group. With the accumulation of previous events, the YS Group's vital energy had been greatly damaged in the past few months.

At this time, the senior executives of the company couldn't sit still. They couldn't let Zed and Teresa destroy such a big group.

"Mr. Zed, we are here today to get an explanation. We have been working with Mu family for a long time and our relationship has been stable. Why did they stop our cooperation at this time? " Several directors and managers squeezed into Zed's office and surrounded him, trying to force Zed to make it clear.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Zed quickly figured out a few thoughts and lied, "This matter happened all of a sudden, and I was also caught off guard. I've made an appointment with Mr. James. I'll talk to him right now. "

Then he squeezed out of the crowd and ran away without looking back. The rest of the people who didn't have time to respond widened their eyes and didn't know what to do.

After Zed ran away, he completely hid himself from everyone, not even answering the phone calls from the company.

Teresa's situation in the company also became very embarrassing.

She used to be arrogant and domineering, and she was also arrogant in the company. She either ordered this or that. That was why no one liked her. In the past, as the wife of the CEO, everyone dared not to say anything due to their status.

But now, it was different from the past. Teresa and Zed had lost their dignity in the company, and the employees had already ignored them.

"I don't know why she still has the face to come to the company. Hasn't she done enough harm to us?" As soon as staff A saw that Teresa was still working in the company, she immediately talked to her colleague next door in an undisguised voice.

"Exactly! If I were her, I would have resigned. How shameless she is! "

"Of course. We worked so many days just because she sneaked into other people's party and scolded the stars without thinking. Did she say sorry to us? "

"I've told you earlier that Mr. Zed is not good enough now, and there is a trouble maker with him."

"I guess it won't be long. The company has been destroyed by them. "

From the two of them gathering more and more, to a group of people were blatantly criticizing Zed and Teresa. The discussion became louder and louder, and even to a noisy point.

Clenching her teeth, Teresa endured her anger and didn't argue with them. She was scolded all the way into the office but she didn't reply.

But the employees were agitated and their morale was high. They thought about it for a long time and felt unconvinced. Some of them rushed into Teresa's office directly.

"Mrs. Teresa, since Mr. Zed isn't here, we'll come straight to you." The head of the group threw the resignations to Teresa and said rudely, "We come to the YS Group to pursue development. But now we can't see anything but decline. I'm sorry t

final say in the matter of the YS Group. Now that these people dared to make such a fuss, they were bullying her and Zed as new comers. But if she could ask Christopher to come out, he would definitely be able to suppress those villains.

Zed tidied himself up and pretended to be a handsome man. Holding Teresa's hand, they came to Christopher.

Christopher had stayed at home for a long time, drinking tea, playing chess, nourishing flowers and playing with birds, holding family feasts from time to time and talking to the children. When Zed came to the door, Christopher was stirring the plants.

"Grandpa." It was a habit of Zed to hold his breath in front of Christopher.

"Here you are." Christopher put down the flower cutting scissors, turned to look at them and said indifferently. Then he went to get the watering pot.

Unlike Zed, Teresa was not afraid of Christopher. She couldn't hold her breath after being ignored for a long time. "Grandpa, don't you know that the situation went bad in YS Group?"

"Oh?" Christopher raised his eyebrows and stopped what he was doing. He walked to the cane chair and sat down, indicating them to sit too.

"Grandpa, do you know the recent situation of the YS Group? Mu family has cancelled the cooperation. Several old employees are going to resign, which makes everyone in the company panic. " Seeing that Christopher's face was as calm as usual, Teresa continued to say, regardless of Zed's holding her hand all the time, "But these are all caused by Victor and Sophia! Victor encouraged his employees to resign. Sophia, with the previous friendship with Jeremy, she asked Mu family to stop cooperating with us! "

"Is that so?" Christopher picked up a cup of tea, smelled it and tasted it slowly and calmly.

"You don't care?" Teresa widened her eyes. She didn't expect that Christopher didn't frown at all, as if he had heard a common thing.

"Zed's ability is not as good as Victor's." Christopher put down his teacup, and his shrewd eyes finally fell on the two of them. He said slowly, "Since you are going to take over the YS Group, you should be prepared for these matter!"

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