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   Chapter 335 Ups and Downs

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The phone kept ringing. When Zed came to his senses, he was already in a cold sweat. He wiped the sweat on his forehead and reached for the phone.

"Hello." Zed gave this number with the name "James Mu", which was the biggest partner of the YS Group at present.

"Hello, Mr. Zed. I'm sorry for the abrupt call." On the other side was James's hoarse and dignified voice without any emotion. "But I have to tell you that we hope to break off the cooperation with the YS Group."

What?! Terminate the cooperation!

Zed lost his balance and fell back to his chair. He couldn't believe his ears and asked hesitantly, What do you mean, Mr. James?"

"We won't continue our cooperation. We will send the files of termination to your company soon, and then we can talk about the specific situation in detail. "

A bolt from the blue! Zed didn't expect such a big thing to happen to him at all. He was completely dumbfounded. "Mr. James, why did it happen so suddenly? Is there no room for negotiation? "

"Mr. Zed, I'm a man of my word."

James was very clear about what Teresa and Zed had done to Sophia, and the relationship between them was clear to James. At this time, since he had confirmed that Sophia was his daughter who had been missing for many years, he felt sorry for the hardships Sophia had experienced over the years. The first thing he wanted to do was to help her solve these bad guys. Let Teresa and Zed suffer.

"Mr. James, the cooperation between our two families involves so much. It was a very serious matter to terminate the contract now, and one hair would affect the whole body. Can't you give me another chance? " Zed said sincerely, but he didn't know the real reason why James wanted to stop the cooperation.

"Mr. Zed, you are right. I'm just a businessman. I only want interests. Previously, the cooperation with the YS Group was for interests, and now it was terminated for interests. Mr. Zed knows better than I do about the current situation of the YS Group. If it goes on, I will be the one to suffer. "

What James said was true. The YS Group had already gone downhill, and there were so many termination of contracts. These matter had spread on Internet crazy.

Zed still wanted to explain, but the phone was already hung up by James.

"Zed, go to the hall with me right now." Teresa rushed into Zed's office, only to find that Zed was sitting at the table, absent-minded, and ignored her.

Feeling strange, Teresa went straight to Zed and patted him on the shoulder. The slap woke Zed up from his mind and he sprang to his feet.

"What are you doing? !" Teresa was frightened by his action and stepped back, knocking on the table.

Being asked, Zed felt even more depressed. He touched his face and said in a weak voice, "James said that he wanted to terminate the cooperation with us."

"What did you say?" Teresa reacted more fiercely than Zed did. She pounced on Zed, grabbed his shoulder and pressed her nails on his body. "Say it again!"

"James doesn't want to cooperate with us anymore!" Zed shook off Teresa's hand and shouted desperately.

This time, it was Teresa who was in a daze. She pinched he

when he Teresa and Zed come in. His sharp gaze made the two feel uncomfortable, but they couldn't avoid it.

James took off his glasses, put down his work, ordered his secretary to pour tea for Zed and Teresa, and led them to the sofa.

"I think Mr. James knows who has been refusing the meeting." Zed sat down opposite James and tried his best to keep a humble attitude towards the old man who had been in business for a long time.

"Mr. Zed, what I see now are only two young people who don't know their own abilities!" James said in a serious tone and picked up the tea cup on the table, "I thought your company would find out the reason and solve the problem these days. I didn't expect you to be so impatient. I'm very disappointed. "

Teresa was about to lose her temper but Zed held her hand to stop her. He really didn't want to screw this matter up, so he forced a smile and said carefully, "Mr. James, you are right. It was true that I am just a newbie. I had done a lot of wrong things. Mr. James, please forgive me. If Mr. James can give me a chance, I will study diligently. "

James didn't expect that Zed would say something like that, so he looked at Zed a few more times, but he wouldn't forgive what they had done to Sophia. "Mr. Zed, you must be mistaken. We are partners. I have no obligation to teach you. "

"At that time, I continued to cooperate with the YS Group because I was interested in the ability of Victor. And now, the YS Group has changed its ownership, and Victor are not in the company. I have no interest in your company anymore. " James stood up and was about to see the guests out. "I don't want to waste any more time. Please go back."

Zed had planned to behave well and win the recognition of James. But as soon as he heard the name of Victor, both Zed and Teresa were stabbed in the pain, and their faces instantly darkened.

"Mr. James, please don't regret it." Zed suppressed his anger. Blue veins stood out on his forehead, and his voice trembled in anger.

However, James didn't even look at them and he called his assistant. "See the guests out."

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