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   Chapter 334 Public Apology

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As soon as Teresa entered the company today, her eyelids twitched. She had a bad feeling.

However, two days had passed since the dinner party was held. Teresa felt that those people just wanted to say something. How could they really dare to break up with An family and the YS Group?

However, as soon as she sat down, her phone kept ringing.

The spokesperson of the YS Group said that she wanted to terminate the cooperation and was even willing to pay a high amount of liquidated damages. The actors and actresses of the movies under the command of the YS Group were on strike and stopped acting. Even the guest who had promised to attend the new season's fashion show directly refused to attend.

Some unknown and famous people ran out of nowhere and made a fuss in front of Teresa.

Teresa suddenly felt dizzy.

"Wait, what happened that night was an accident..."

"Beep beep..."

Teresa was anxious and angry. She held back her temper and begged everyone in a low voice, but the other party immediately hung up the phone, not giving her face at all.

"I'm sorry, but can we continue our cooperation? the YS Group will offer the best condition. "

"Miss Teresa, don't you like our 'playthings'? I know I am not good enough for the YS Group. Thank you for your appreciation. "

The conversation like this kept appearing for the whole morning. Teresa weakly fell back to her chair and looked at the ceiling with her eyes sore.

Not only Teresa's phone was bombarded, but also everyone in the company received countless calls.

The whole place was turned upside down.

If the YS Group was really destroyed by her, it also meant that she had destroyed herself. Not to mention what the YS Group would do to her, An family would not spare her. What should she do now?

By the way, Leon! Thinking of Leon's connections last time, Teresa went straight to Leon's office. Without knocking at the door, she broke in.

Coincidentally, Jay came to see Leon, and the two of them were still talking and laughing.

Seeing Jay, Teresa immediately thought that Jay and the female stars had very great relationships. She immediately thought that she had caught the savior.

"Jay, are you familiar with several female stars who cooperated with our company?" Teresa came uninvited. She walked directly to the front of the two and asked arrogantly.

Jay and Leon frowned at the sight of Teresa. Neither of them wanted to deal with this big trouble. But since Jay was called, he still answered like a gentleman, "Almost everyone."

"Then you contact them and ask them not to terminate the cooperation with the YS Group. Now it's the time for the YS Group to launch new products. We can't live without spokespersons and models. " Seeing that Jay said he knew the stars, Teresa naturally left the matter to him.

Jay was confused by her. He narrowed his eyes and asked impatiently, "Why should I do this?"

"Aren't you a member of the YS Group? !" Teresa raised her voice, as if she was going to have a fight. "This is your job!"

"Not really." Jay picked up an envelope from Leon's desk, opened

e in vain.

"You should do it before this matter makes a scene." Leon said at last.

Recently, the YS Group was in a mess every day. All the employees missed the moment when Victor led them. But they could only keep these words in their mind and complained to their colleagues after work. No one dared to speak ill of Mr. Zed and Mrs. Sophia face to face.

But today, even Jay couldn't bear and he left directly. Everyone looked at Teresa as if she was the God of plague. Although no one said anything, the atmosphere was so tense.

On the way back from Leon's office to her own place, Teresa could feel numerous reproachful sights on her, as if they were piercing her back.

She had been spoiled and taken good care of since she was a child. Everyone was flattering her and praising her! When had she been treated like this?!

"Come in here!" Teresa asked her assistant to her office. She hesitated for a while and decided to do it. "Please write an apology letter for me and Mr. Zed."

The apology statement was quickly posted online. It was sincere and pleaded. Although the onlookers didn't know what had happened, the parties must know what it meant.

This immediately caused a huge uproar among the passers-by. Some of the parties smoothed things over and reposted it silently. Some of the parties didn't give up and insisted on asking Teresa to come out.

Hiding in the office, Teresa held her phone to watch the public reaction. Several calls and they were all willing to give the YS Group another chance. The rest had a fight with the YS Group on the Internet.

The PR department of the YS Group was not a weak one. Seeing that the statement was issued by Teresa, they immediately began to save the situation. To guide the public opinion to the advantageous side of the YS Group, they praised all the cooperative artists.

It was not until now that Zed realized that Teresa had done so many things. At this time, James suddenly called in.

The phone kept ringing, like a time bomb to count down. Zed was stunned and his hand stopped in the air.

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