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   Chapter 333 Like A Joke

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Victor had been keeping the matter of finding a studio for Sophia in mind, and contacted several friends to help him keep an eye on the house.

One day, he received a call, saying that there was a good place to use.

"Sophia. There is an office building on JY Road. It's connected to the whole floor of 17th. Do you want to go there and have a look?" Said Victor, rubbing Sophia's waist.

Time passed quickly. Before the two of them could react, Sophia's belly had already been swollen a lot. It made Sophia feel sore in the waist and back after sitting for a long time, so she asked Victor to give her a massage.

Of course, Victor was willing to do it. His only job now was to take care of Sophia.

Sophia didn't expect that Victor would find a place so soon, so she left with Victor and went to JY Road.

The house was much bigger than Sophia had imagined. The last one here was an advertising company, and later it was empty after it moving to another place. The decoration and office supplies were almost ready-made, and there were many green plants on the balcony. Let alone there was an area turned into water. What a surprise for Sophia.

"Victor, I really like this place!" Sophia looked around touched around, her eyes sparkling like there were many starts in her eyes.

"I knew you would like it." Victor followed her and protected her belly. JY Road was a literary area in the city. Most of the companies here were advertising and creative companies, and even the buildings here had a distinctive style.

Sophia looked around the house and then turned to the man behind her. Seeing his doting smile, she felt sweet in her heart. "Victor, thank you. You are always so good to me."

"Silly girl, why do you still say thank you to me?" Reaching out, Victor held her in his arms, gave her nose a dab, and whispered, "If you really like there so much, then it's settled. Look, what else do you need? We can start to prepare. "

Speaking of setting up the studio, Sophia had endless ideas. She pulled Victor to point and paint everywhere, outlining the ideal office environment.

"We can set up a leisure area here. Ah, we can put a carpet handle here. And here, we need to build a display wall so that guests can see our works at a glance. "

Sophia's enthusiasm for work also affected Victor. He held Sophia's hands tightly, lost in thought.

Now that the address of the studio had been confirmed, and the two of them had already started the final simple decoration, even if Soph-Ri's studio had officially begun to operate, they would look for someone to work for them in the country.

Sophia and Rita had registered a studio in this country, and it was also promoted. With the promotion of the famous star Rita, Soph-Ri quickly attracted many people's attention.

Mrs. Teresa was the one who was the most concerned.

Teresa's hatred for Sophia had reached the point of spiraling into madness. She attributed all her unhappiness to Sophia. Now that she saw that Sophia's work was going smoothly, her eyes immediately turned red.

Jealousy, anger and hatred were like a big fire that burned Tere

peeled off, Teresa felt extremely embarrassed. However, she heard someone say that her clothes were worse than nothing!

"Don't go too far!" Teresa couldn't stand it anymore and shouted.

"Are we going too far?" A female star stepped forward and asked Teresa in reply. She glanced at Teresa with disgust and said, "I have figured out the attitude of An family and the YS Group today. I won't cooperate with you anymore. Now those spokespersons will be withdrawn."

Then she walked away as if she didn't want to stay any longer with Teresa. But this person seemed to have made a start. More and more people came to Teresa and told her kindly.

"I'm just an actor. I won't make your eyes dirty. I won't take the movie of the YS Group. "

"I heard that the YS Group is going to hold a new season's fashion show. I'm sorry that I won't attend it."

One after another, the bucket of cold water was poured on Teresa one by one. Teresa really became a joke. In the end, no one was willing to stay with her and went somewhere else.

Rita stood aside, holding her hands and watching them coldly. After the crowd dispersed, Rita stepped forward, pinched Teresa's chin and smiled brightly at her. "You just asked for it."

Without saying a word, Teresa slapped off Rita's hand and glared at her.

Rita finally revenged and she was very happy. She raised her glass and drank it up. Then she put the glass in Teresa's hand and said, "If I were you, I would have run away with my tail between my legs."

"Don't be so excited too early!" Teresa slammed the glass onto the floor and only uttered such a soft threat for a long time.

"OK, let's wait and see."

Rita didn't want to talk to her anymore. Anyway, her revenge had been achieved. Rita turned around and left gracefully with her beautiful evening dress.

As for Teresa, who was left behind by the crowd, she had no choice but to run away.

Teresa had planned to destroy Sophia's reputation, but in the end, she had become a mess. Teresa pinched her palm, wishing to cut Sophia and Rita into pieces.

"Wait and see!"

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