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   Chapter 332 Meet Difficult Everywhere

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Zed took the plan and looked at it casually. Obviously, Leon's plan was much better than his. Although Zed was eager to fire Leon immediately, he had to admit Leon's working ability and keep him working for the YS Group.

"If there's nothing else, I'll go back to work." Leon stopped what he did just now and he didn't want to lose his job.

But Zed would never forget what Zed had done. Leon, this name was written on the blacklist of Zed.

Since then, the couple, Zed and Teresa, had shifted their anger on Victor to Leon and made trouble for Leon everywhere in the company.

"As the top manager of the company, Mr. Leon should share the CEO's worries after such a big thing happened?" Teresa blamed the unsolvable problems on Leon with sarcasm.

"Miss Teresa, you are wrong." "If my memory serves me right, it's Zed, Mr. Zed, who said that he wanted to take over this project," Said Leon in a gentle tone, still with a decent smile on his face. He didn't want to argue with Teresa.

"Leon!" Teresa felt embarrassed, but she immediately retorted, "Humph. Although Zed is the president, he is not the only one in the company. The future of the company is also related to each of you. We should work together. "

"Yes. Especially you, Leon, who is in a high position, should share more burden for me. " Zed added a few more words and threw the blame on Leon.

Looking at the two people echoing each other, Leon felt it was ridiculous. At the same time, he felt sorry for him. Leon realized that all hateful people have their own pitiful points.

"Mr. Zed is right. It's my duty."

"Good." Zed was satisfied with Leon's reaction, so he smiled wickedly and threw all the difficult problems to Leon. Among them, there were also some projects that made mistakes because of Zed's carelessness. Zed and Teresa were waiting to see Leon make a fool of himself.

Leon took over the task without any objection. He even took out his phone in front of the two of them.

"Hello? Mr. Wang, How much number is wrong in that report Okay, I see. "

"Hello, Mr. Chen. Well, it's me. I'm sorry. It was an intern who made a mistake last time. Give me one more day. I promise they will give you the best reply. "

"Mr. Liu, give the salary of the workers first. I'll go to the construction site this afternoon. Get ready. "

With his phone in his hand, Leon randomly dialed several numbers and chatted with several people who Zed didn't know who they were. In the end, the problem was solved.

"Mr. Zed, this project has caused a great loss so far. I don't have the ability to get it back." Leon slightly bent down and expressed his apology respectfully. Then he stood up and continued, "But I have contacted several people in charge and they will give us some more time to relax for our previous friendship and cooperation. As long as I go to the construction site this afternoon and see if there is no problem, everything will be on track the day after tomorrow. "

Hearing that Leon solved the problem in such a short time, Zed could

a little effect in front of me."

"Then what do you think we should do?" Rita held back her impulse to look for Teresa and calmed down.

"In fact, we don't need to do anything more. They will retreat soon. Or they could find trouble for themselves. The YS Group was not a piece of cake, and Zed's situation would become more and more difficult. At that time, you don't have to settle accounts with them. Naturally, someone will go. " Holding Rita's hand, Leon enjoyed the rare solitude between the two.

"Do you mean that Zed will be removed from the position?" Rita held Leon's hand and nestled in his arms.

"Zed doesn't own the company alone. If he messed around like this, the board, shareholders, employees and even the public would not let him go. When they really know that their skills are not as good as others, they won't come back. " Leon analyzed quietly. He believed that it was also the reason why Victor hadn't taken any action yet.

"What about Victor? Sophia told me that Victor was making different kinds of food for her at home every day, making her fat white! Can he tolerate Zed? "

[何琳刚] came from a simple house. When she saw the cold faced Xiao Yuyang in an apron, she almost dropped her chin. However, Victor still fed Sophia food with a serious look, completely ignoring her existence!

"I can't guess what Victor is thinking, but he must have made a plan." Leon didn't want to talk about business anymore. Looking at Rita's delicate face, he was touched. He pulled Rita closer to him and whispered in her ear, "Are you envious of Sophia? How about we make a baby too? "

"You are so annoying!" Rita pushed Leon away with a flushed face, but was stopped by him and Leon kissed her on the lips.

"If I am annoying, why do you come to see me this night? Huh? " Leon held Rita's chin with one hand and kissed her, ignoring her struggle.

The long lost touch made the two of them a little excited. While the night was getting dark outside, it covered their bodies with a layer of gauze...

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