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   Chapter 328 We Are A Family

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"Sophia..." It was not until that Victor had said something to comfort Sophia for several times that he realized that he really didn't know how to deal with it. If one person walked in the same direction for more than twenty years, and one day someone suddenly tells the person that the person was wrong, then no one was incomprehensible for the person who had not went through it.

Sophia didn't want to make Victor worry. She just couldn't accept it easily for a while, not because she was hurt by this matter. She held Victor's hand and said softly, "It doesn't matter. I don't feel sad, but a little confused. It seems that a lot of faith and firm that I used to have, are a little shaken.

It was as if she had suddenly walked into a desert, where there was only endless yellow sand. No matter how she walked forward, it was the same scenery. Thousands of thoughts ran through her mind, but Sophia couldn't get the final answer.

"Did James say anything? Does he want you to go back to Mu family? " Victor didn't hate Mu family. Although he was dissatisfied with Jeremy, they were brother and sister now, so there shouldn't be any problem. If James wanted Sophia to go back to Mu family, Victor wouldn't have any objection. And vice versa.

Sophia shook her head slowly and leaned on Victor's shoulder. She looked away and looked ahead without being focused. "He said he wanted me to think about it myself. He...He looks very kind. When he smiles, I feel at ease. He is really different from the people of Jian family... "

Jian family's members had never treated Sophia like this before. They were not like family, but like enemies. Sophia had been humiliated as an illegitimate daughter for so many years, and had suffered so much contempt and hardship. In the end, she found that it was a misunderstanding.

But if it weren't for the selfishness of Jian family, she wouldn't have met Victor. As for James, her biological father, might not find her.

Perhaps this was the arrangement of fate, and it's all settled somewhere somehow.

"Don't think about the people of Jian family anymore. They don't deserve your attention. You have severed your relationship with them. Now I'm the only family you have! " Victor didn't want to talk about Jian family. The past made Sophia miserable. And from now on, there would only be happiness for Sophia.

"It's okay. I don't care about the matter about Jian family." Sophia tried to appease Victor's anger. She didn't care about Jian family anymore, but felt ironic. Instead, she felt relieved when she knew that she had nothing to do with them.

Perhaps the moment she knew the truth, there were really a mix feelings in Sophia's heart, but it was really good to think that she had nothing to do with those people.

"Then, what do you think now?" Holding Sophia in his arms, Victor gently stroked her. "Do you want to recognize James? Or just treat him as a stranger? "

"…… I don't know yet. It happened all of a sudden. I need time to think it over. " Whether she recognized this father or not, their blood relationship could not be changed. Perhaps they would recognize each other soo

s was really a lovely father at the moment. In order to be close to his daughter, James was seriously distressed. "Sophia is pregnant now. You should think about your grandson in her belly."

"Yes, she is pregnant now." James patted his forehead as if he had just thought of it. When he went to see her, he forgot to ask about his grandson!

"Just take a look at what she need during her pregnancy. You can send some. You could also talk about fetal education. It should be easy to get close on the child's side. "

Jeremy gave him an idea. The two men also searched many matters needing attention during pregnancy online. Even the two of them found it interesting and watched it with great interest...

"Jeremy, what's going on with the YS Group?" It was not until James finished Sophia's matter that he remembered the problem of the YS Group. The situation between Sophia and Victor was probably not very good.

"Zed has become the new president, and Teresa is helping him. I'm afraid the result of this change is not as expected. " Jeremy calmly analyzed the current situation of the YS Group. Although he was an onlooker, the Mu Group and the YS Group were partners after all. "The YS Group is going downhill almost every day."

James regained his serious expression and seriously thought about this matter. James' eyes revealed a fierce light. "I want to know the specific entanglement between these people. Did they cause trouble to Sophia? "

As soon as these words came out, Jeremy knew what James meant. Jeremy immediately started to prepare for the details of the investigation, trying to let James know it directly.

In addition, Jeremy also sorted out all the projects that he had cooperated with the YS Group, and analyzed all of them thoroughly, making clear the advantages and disadvantages.

After nearly a week, the loss after the project was terminated was clearly calculated and a solution was made. Jeremy withdrew the capital from several projects quickly.

Unconsciously, there was only an empty shell left between the Mu Group and the YS Group's cooperation.

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