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   Chapter 325 Come In Person

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At night, James took out the DNA test report from the drawer and looked through it again on the desk. Although he had already been sure that Sophia was her daughter, the feeling when he got the test report was different.

Staring at the test report, James couldn't help but recall all the past in his mind, as if Sophia's mother was still by his side yesterday, but in the blink of an eye, Sophia had grown to such an extent.

Too many things had happened since Sophia was lost and he life died. James thought he would never have the chance to see his own daughter again. However, it was hard to predict that Sophia would appear in front of him in such a way. Perhaps this was the so-called fate.

Thinking of this, James smiled with relief.

"Dad, the smile on your face seems to have disappeared for centuries." As soon as Jeremy entered the room, he was shocked to see the expression on James's face. On a second thought, Jeremy felt a big stone in his heart was finally put down.

Seeing Jeremy come in, James asked, "Have you found out her current address?"

Jeremy nodded and said, "Yes, I've found it out." Jeremy put the note in front of James and said, "This villa was bought by Victor for Sophia when she came back."

James picked up the note handed over by Jeremy and rubbed it in his hand, with mixed feelings in his heart. On the one hand, James hoped that Sophia could back to his side, but on the other hand, he knew that it was not easy to get Sophia back according to her character.

At last, James sighed heavily and said to Jeremy, "It's late. You can go now." Knowing his father's mind, Jeremy didn't say anything and left the bedroom.

It was not a peaceful night. Lying on the bed, James seemed to hear the sound of raindrops falling on the roof beam outside the window. He was not only uneasy, but also excited...

After a long time, the day broke and it was a little cold outside the window, as if the drizzle rain had caused the temperature of the city to drop sharply overnight.

Sophia turned over unconsciously in her sleep and stretched out her slender arms to the other side of the bed. Subconsciously, she wanted to throw herself into someone's arms, but it was missed.

Suddenly, Sophia sat up as if she had lost the sense of security in an instant. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked around for the figure of Victor, but their bedroom was empty.

All of a sudden, her sleepiness was swept away. She put on her slippers in a hurry and ran out of the bedroom. She looked around the bathroom, living room and dining room, but didn't find Victor. In the end, Sophia had no choice but to call him again and again, but only a few cold female voices answered her.

Victor, who was still sleepi

behaved like a gentleman. It could be seen that the elegant aura of Jeremy was influenced by James.

At first, Sophia was a little vigilant, but when she heard James's words, she relaxed and smiled, "No, no. I'm flattered." After that, Sophia led James to the sofa in the living room and brought him another cup of freshly brewed West Lake Longjing tea.

"What brings you here, Mr. James?" Sophia asked.

James put the teacup aside and said in a heavy tone, "Miss Sophia, I have something important to tell you. I hope you can be mentally prepared first."

Sophia replied, "Okay."

James hesitated for a moment and asked, "Can I call you Sophia?" James turned around and looked at Sophia with a gentle expression, as if he was the elder asking for her opinion graciously.

"Eh?" Sophia didn't expect that James would suddenly make such a request, but she didn't reject James, so she agreed, "Of course."

"Sophia, I feel very familiar when I first saw you. I don't know if you also have this feeling." James said slowly, recalling the first time he met with Sophia in the YS Group.

Sophia nodded and smiled, "I also feel a sense of familiarity when I see Mr. James."

"In particular, you look very similar to my dead wife," James took out a photo of his wife from the inner pocket of his suit and handed it to Sophia. "I don't believe there are two people so similar in the world, so I secretly investigated your background. It turns out that you are the scattered child of our Mu family! "

The corner of the photo handed over by James was a little white. It was a photo of a family of four. It was a photo of James and his wife, as well as Jeremy when he was a child and a newly born girl.

Sophia widened her eyes in surprise. James was right. She looked exactly like his wife when his wife was young!

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