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   Chapter 324 The Identification Result

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It was easy for Sophia to understand. Knowing that Rita's period was coming, Sophia couldn't help laughing in her heart. "Go ahead. Don't forget to call Leon later and ask him to send you back."

"No, he might be very busy now. You can tell him later. I'm leaving now." After saying that, Rita stood up awkwardly and left the scene to the bathroom.

After Rita left, Teresa saw that Sophia sat alone.

"Humph!" Snorted and walked towards there. "You are finally alone. Sophia!"

When Sophia was about to get up to look for Leon, she saw Teresa coming towards her again. Forget it. Sophia took back what she had said before. Teresa was really haunting her. How could Teresa be so annoying!

"Sophia," Said Teresa as she walked closed to her, "Don't think you are so great now. You are just a little jewelry designer. That's nothing! Could you give Victor any help in business? He is just interested in you for a while, at most because of the baby in your belly! It won't be long before he feels bored. At that time, even if there is no me, Teresa, and there are many other ladies from famous families, you will be nothing to him. "

Looking at Teresa's self-deceiving appearance, Sophia said calmly, "I know Victor's love for me very well. You don't have to deny it as an outsider. Oh, no, to be honest, you should call Victor cousin with Zed now. You are not an outsider." Sophia looked at Teresa with a smile.

Teresa was so angry that she shouted, "You! You are asking for trouble! "

"Oh, I'm sorry. I have never asked for trouble. It is you keeping troubling me? Do you realize that? You just came up with a sneer. " Sophia curled her lips.

Being rendered speechless by Sophia, Teresa became angry from embarrassment. She was so angry that she raised her hand and was about to slap Sophia.

Sophia was not afraid of Teresa at all. Sophia directly raised her hand and held Teresa's wrist. "Teresa, don't think that everyone will revolve around you. Who are you? For what? Don't think too much of yourself. "

"You, let go of me!" Teresa looked at Sophia in disbelief and shouted angrily.

The commotion between the two attracted many people's attention. The women who had looked for Sophia to talk with her and gave Sophia a long face at the beginning saw that Teresa was looking for Sophia, and they were very happy in their hearts. They thought that Sophia could be taught a lesson by Teresa, but now they found that it was not like that. Teresa was completely at a disadvantage!

Sophia shook off Teresa's hand and wiped her hand with a tissue, as if she disliked Teresa very much.

Seeing this, Teresa became angry again. She stretched out her hand and tried to push Sophia away. The malice in her eyes was directed at the baby in Sophia's belly.

Unfortunately, Teresa still failed, because at the critical moment, a tall figure appeared in front of Sophia and blocked Teresa.

Sophia was surprised and it turned out to be Jeremy.


ed the servants to wake up Jeremy and urge him to go to the hospital to get the test result.

Jeremy was speechless for a moment. Why did James disturb him in the early morning?

Although it was important for the two of them and he was looking forward to seeing the result.

Jeremy drove to the hospital. The doctor who did the paternity test was a friend of Jeremy. He was a little surprised to see Jeremy so early in the morning. He teased Jeremy for a while and then gave the result to him.

Jeremy couldn't wait to open the test result, which showed that it was... 99.9% was parent-child relationship.

Jeremy was happy, but at the same time, he had a complicated feeling. The result...

It was not easy for Jeremy to have a woman he liked and appreciated, but this woman was his sister, which made him a little...

However, after knowing this fact, Jeremy became more concerned about Sophia. He also felt that he should protect Sophia better. She was his sister!

Jeremy returned home soon. Jeremy pretended to be disappointed, which shocked James... Was she not?

Previously, Jeremy called him back and told him to be mentally prepared, but James didn't hear his tone on the phone. Now seeing Jeremy's expression...

James felt a little disappointed.

Jeremy gave the test result to James, but he didn't dare to open it with his trembling hands for fear of seeing the result he didn't want to see.

Jeremy had never seen his father like this before no matter how difficult things were. But now...

"Dad, open it." Jeremy didn't dare to make fun of his dignified father any more. He said, "It's good news. You will laugh when you see it."

James glared at Jeremy!

Seeing the result of the paternity test, James was very happy. It turned out that Sophia was his Sophia. He just knew it.

James's eyes were filled with tears. "That's great."

Seeing this, Jeremy breathed a sigh of relief. After so many years, his father finally felt relieved.

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