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   Chapter 323 At The Party

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9486

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"What a joke!" "Then who is it!" "That was Victor!" Who dared to accost Victor's woman? That was courting death?!

But soon, the slight disappointment in their hearts disappeared, because at this party, there were ladies from all walks of life, there were more beautiful and sexy woman than the woman beside Victor.

Seeing this, Victor smiled slightly. No matter how beautiful and sexy other women were, ten million women were no more than Sophia in his eyes, because in his eyes, Sophia was already beautiful and colorful.

"Let's sit over there." Sophia held Victor's hand and looked in a certain direction.

Victor also looked over there and found that there were all kinds of delicious food there. Sophia was very greedy for them.

"Why do you like these food so much recently?" Victor couldn't help wondering if pregnant women loved eating so much? Shouldn't she have no appetite for food?

Forget it. As long as Sophia was happy.

So the two of them went there together. Sophia was very joyful. Her little face turned pink because of excitement or something, as if it had been dyed with rouge.

As soon as Victor entered the room, everyone's eyes were fixed on him. Now seeing his pampering appearance to Sophia, they all felt incredible. When did Mr. Victor have such a gentle side? It was unbelievable!

After that, some of Victor's former business partners came to talk to Victor. It was not appropriate for Victor to give them a cold face, so he had to let Sophia to sit here alone. Victor left for a while and he will come to see her soon.

But Sophia nodded to show that she knew, and she also knew that this "soon" might not be fast. Looking at the large group of people who were about to talk to Victor, she knew that they must have endless topics.

She really didn't know why they had too much to talk about.

After Victor left, many women sat beside Sophia and asked Sophia about her identity. Victor was so charming that no one could resist. There used to be so many women who loved him, and there must be a lot of them, including those so-called ladies at the party.

Sophia smiled to those women who came up to talk her. they guessed that Sophia had a good temper and she was easy to be bullied.

Sophia didn't say anything, but Rita couldn't stand it anymore. Leon just had a few sweet words with Leon, and the two separated. When she was about to look for Sophia, she saw a group of women surrounding Sophia and she didn't know what they were talking about. Although Sophia looked easy on the surface, Rita couldn't do it. Those women obviously came with evil intentions!

Teresa and Zed also attended the party. Zed took over the YS Group recently and naturally received the invitation, so Zed brought Teresa here.

Teresa had put on make-up on purpose, thinking that she could amazed the wh

n just thought about it!

As for Teresa, she had no face to stay here any longer. She left angrily, but she hated Rita and Sophia, especially Sophia. She had been quietly observing Sophia, thinking about finding an opportunity to teach Sophia a lesson.

On the other hand, Zed and Victor were at odds with each other. But basically, it was Zed's one-sided dissatisfaction with Victor. Zed against Victor all the time.

Victor didn't take Zed's little trick seriously. Zed's hostility was easily resolved by him, and the people around Victor began to praise Victor even more. They thought that Zed was really narrow-minded and they were thinking why Christopher let Zed take over the YS Group.

Of course, Zed didn't know what these people were thinking about. He just wanted to embarrass Victor and humiliated Victor. He even mocked Victor for his incapability to manage the YS Group so that he was suspended. But in fact, everyone knew some of the reasons and knew clearly about Victor's ability.

For a moment, Zed felt like a clown being looked at strangely by everyone.

"Well, that's enough. Let's talk about something else." Victor changed the topic, "Mr. Zhao, I heard that you bought a piece of land in the suburb a few days ago. How about that?"

"Okay, okay..." Mr. Zhao, a real estate merchant, couldn't help smiling when they talked about the land in the suburb.

Then they talked about some business matters. Zed was sensible and didn't aim at Victor anymore. There people all believed in Victor's ability. How could they listen to Zed's nonsense?

In the end, Zed still asked for a snub.

"Oh, Sophia. I'm going to the bathroom first. I guess I'll leave in advance." When Rita was eating and chatting with Sophia, she suddenly felt a warm flow from her lower abdomen. Her face suddenly changed. She was busy attending the party, how could she forget about it!

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