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   Chapter 322 Invitation

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Zed felt a little strange when he heard the voice of Teresa out of blue. Then he heard Teresa continue to say.

"Sophia. Has she come back? And she is with Victor again? " Teresa's voice was so low that no one could tell her emotion.

Zed was stunned and didn't know how to answer Teresa's question. These days, Teresa had been hospitalized, and she didn't know that Sophia had returned to the country and had been with Victor again.

In fact, Zed had just heard that Sophia came back from abroad. At the beginning, he didn't pay much attention to it. Now that he heard what Teresa said, he thought that she must have heard the news from somewhere...

"It seems true, haha..." Teresa couldn't help but sneer, "Sophia! She just doesn't want to leave."

"Teresa..." Zed didn't understand why Teresa was fine just now, but she suddenly became like this. "Who is talking nonsense there? Why could Sophia come back so easily?"

"Nonsense? Huh. " Teresa put her phone in front of Zed's eyes, and an enlarged photo appeared in front of him. At first, he didn't think there was any mystery in this photo, but a familiar figure attracted his attention. It was... Victor?

Who was the woman be very intimate with him?

"Is there anything else to say? Victor and Sophia appeared at the food festival of the neighboring city. What does it mean? " Gritting her teeth, Teresa took back her phone and said, "If I hadn't discovered it by accident, how long would you hide it from me? !"

"I just heard about it before. I'm not sure if it's true. Besides, it has nothing to do with you that if Sophia came back and stayed with Victor or not. " Zed tried his best to calm himself down and said calmly.

"Zed, what do you mean? !" However, Teresa didn't care much about it. She just felt that Zed's words were a mockery to her. He said that she was not as good as Sophia and Victor didn't like her at all!

"Well, let's stop arguing about it." Zed rubbed his temples and said, "Victor has been abroad for a period of time. Maybe he went to find Sophia by himself."

Thinking of this, Teresa felt both angry and resentful. How could Victor do this to her? At that time, they almost got married and could be together forever! However! Just because of the appearance of that woman, Sophia!

Teresa wanted to ask Victor about it, but she then realized that Victor had been suspended and no longer worked in the YS Group.

"Teresa, can you stop being so excited when it comes to Victor..." Zed felt a little helpless. Sometimes, he even doubted if he had done something wrong. He wondered if he shouldn't have married Teresa. Did she only love Victor? She couldn't hold another man in her heart anymore.

But most of the time, he felt lucky that they got married and their love could be accumulated slowly. He even felt that the appearance of Sophia gave him a chance. If Victor fell in love with Sophia, then there would be no c

to see if anyone is there." Rita put her phone aside.

However, the fact was that... Victor muted Sophia's phone.

Sophia felt something was wrong while she was drawing, so she put down her pen and looked at Victor. "Something was wrong when Rita hung up the phone just now."

"What?" Victor looked at her.

"Is there anyone beside her?" Sophia was depressed.

Victor smiled meaningfully, "Who else can it be? It must be Leon."

"No, I heard that Rita had a sound just now. It's a little strange..." Sophia was confused.

With an evil smile, Victor got close to Sophia and moved his hands around her waist. Then he moved up along her beautiful waist...

"Okay..." Sophia couldn't help but moan.

So Victor stopped and said with an evil smile, "Is that the same as your voice?"

Sophia was a little confused. At first, she didn't understand what he was talking about, but after thinking for a while, she suddenly understood. Then she blushed. What... It turned out that Rita and Leon... Ahem, ahem, ahem

She was also stupid enough. Was it possible that she had been pregnant and she would be silly for three years?

Sophia pursed her lips and looked annoyed. She was really afraid of thinking about it carefully.

On the day of the party, Victor attended the party with Sophia as a low-key style. But from Sophia's low-key style but amazing makeup and clothes, it seemed that Victor had carefully asked people to dress up for Sophia.

Sophia wore an ankle length navy blue dress, simple but elegant. There was an exquisite brooch on her chest, which brightened her eyes, but would not take away the color of her.

Sophia only wore light makeup and her hair was coiled up, revealing her smooth forehead and sexy neck.

Sophia's scene naturally attracted the attention of many men. However, when they saw the handsome man next to her who was holding her slender waist forcibly, they all reluctantly stopped the idea of accosting her.

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