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   Chapter 320 Ready To Leave Hospital

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As for Victor, he had an easy life with Sophia, but Grace wasn't as calm as they was now.

"Victor has been suspended. I'm afraid it will be difficult for him to go back again in the future. How could dad be so stupid to agree to their unreasonable request?" Grace said to her husband with a frown.

Karl also understood that, but at that time, Christopher was indeed forced to do so. Everyone could not know about the ability of Victor, but Christopher knew it clearly. It could be seen that Christopher was also ten thousand unwilling to make such a decision.

"Otherwise... Let's go to ask father for mercy. He certainly doesn't want Victor to leave the YS Group... " Grace was worried about her son. Her usually domineering manner had disappeared. Now she was a mother who cared about her son.

"Alas, what's the use? It's decided by my father himself. Terence and Adam are watching us. I think we have no choice but to take it step by step." Karl shook his head and sighed.

"Is Victor still your son! He has been suspended. Can we just stand by and watch? !" How could Grace not see clearly the current situation? She just hated herself for being unable to do anything.

"Mom? Why do you call me all of a sudden? " At night, Victor and Sophia were having a sweet night. Unexpectedly, they received a call from Grace.

Sophia sat up as well, wondering why Grace called Victor at this time.

"You know, your grandpa was forced to stop you, so don't blame him."

"Okay, I know." Victor replied indifferently.

"Your father and I are going to intercede for you in a few days. At that time, the limelight has gone, and Christopher will certainly agree..."

"No, mom. Everything is fine now. I don't care about that. Just take it as a vacation. As for other things, just let nature take its course." Before Grace could finish her words, Victor interrupted her.

Grace knew her son well. He was a man of his word. She knew that he wasn't comforting her, but he really didn't care.

Since the people involved didn't care about it, then she...

Well, forget it. He knew what he should do.

"Mom, is there anything else?"

"HMM... By the way, has Sophia slept yet? " Asked Grace. Speaking of Sophia, she felt a little complicated. Back then, she looked down upon Sophia and wholeheartedly wanted to bring her son and Teresa together. But now...

"Not yet. She is just next to me." Victor told the truth.

"Oh, I see. How is she doing recently? " Grace asked about Sophia's current situation with concern.

Victor smiled, "She is fine."

"About you two... Well, forget it. I don't have to worry too much. I don't want you to think that I'm a busybody then. " After a moment of silence, Grace continued, "She has been back for a while. I want to see her. When will you bring her back?"

"She has been very busy recently and doesn't have much time. I'll take her b

t to eat? I asked the maid to make it for you." Zed pretended that nothing had happened. After the nurse left, he sat beside Teresa, peeling an apple for her and asked gently.

With a cold face, Teresa kept silent and stared out of the window. No one knew what she was looking at.

Zed stopped asking and continued to peel the apple silently. After that, he carefully cut it into small pieces and put them on the plate.

"Teresa." He called her, but Teresa ignored him.

He sighed and stood up to leave the ward. Suddenly, Teresa said, "Let the maid make a bowl of bird's nest porridge for me. I don't have any appetite. I'll just eat light food."

Zed was overjoyed and turned to look at Teresa. Although Teresa still didn't look at him, he was sure that what she had just said was not an illusion.

"Okay, okay. Teresa, wait for me. I'll ask the maid to make bird's nest porridge for you right away." Zed couldn't help smiling. It was a good thing that she was willing to eat. He was happy.

Zed went out to call the maid. Hearing the sound of door closing, Teresa turned her head to look at Zed's back. Somehow, a trace of sympathy and sadness surged in her heart. What a fool he was...

Just like her, right?

After that day, although Teresa still had a bad temper, she had never swung the bowl. She always kept a cold face and didn't talk much with others. Even when Connie came, she was indifferent. Sometimes she was annoyed by Connie's questions and even lost her temper.

"Teresa, what would you like to eat today? I'll ask the maid to cook for you." Zed looked at Teresa gently.

"I don't want to eat anything. I want to go back. Staying in the hospital will affect my mood. " Said Teresa.

"Do you want to leave the hospital?" Zed was a little worried, "But the doctor said that you were weak before. You'd better stay in hospital for a few more days for observation, in case of any sequela..."

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