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   Chapter 319 A Visit From Jeremy

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On the weekend, Jeremy came to Victor and Sophia's house in casual clothes.

"It seems that Victor is really nice to you. Such a big villa..." Sophia walked to the door to pick up Jeremy. With his hands in his pockets, Jeremy looked relaxed. Compared with his usual calm and experienced appearance, he was obviously more approachable than before.

"Compared with Mu family's villa, what we have is nothing." Sophia smiled and teased Jeremy.

"Ha ha..." Jeremy smiled noncommittally, "But these are just material things. Men like to deceive innocent and kind-hearted girls with these things, especially some people. They say something beautiful, but you don't know what they are doing behind it!"

Although Jeremy knew that Sophia might be his sister and he didn't dare to have that kind of thought on her, he still felt a little unhappy when he saw Victor holding a beauty back.

"So what do you want to say, dear Mr. Jeremy?"

Before Sophia could say anything, she heard a man's gloomy voice.

Following the voice, Sophia and Jeremy looked at Victor, who was looking at Jeremy unhappily.

With a faint smile on his face, Jeremy said, "It doesn't mean anything. It's just the literal meaning. Mr. Victor can understand it by yourself."

"Humph, Mr. Jeremy, you are so leisure. Is it interesting for you to stay out of your company and wander around in other people's house." Victor didn't want to argue with Jeremy, so he snorted and said.

"Not bad. With a beautiful woman by my side, I can enjoy any scenery." The beauty mentioned by Jeremy naturally referred to Sophia.

Victor gnashed his teeth and showed no good face to Jeremy.

Jeremy didn't care about the expression on Victor's face at all. Sophia touched her nose awkwardly. Why did she feel the smell of gunpowder so strong?

"Well, Jeremy, let's go inside." Sophia walked to Victor and pinched Victor on the waist secretly.

However, Victor directly held Sophia in his arms, pretending to inadvertently glance at Jeremy, Victor's eyes full of provocation.

How could Jeremy not see the strong hostility of Victor? But Jeremy pretended not to notice it.

Sophia led Jeremy into the living room and sat down. She couldn't help but stare at Victor. Then she turned to look at Jeremy and asked, "Tea or coffee?"

"It's up to you." Jeremy smiled politely.

"Okay, Zelda, get this Mr. Jeremy a glass of water." Hearing this, Victor immediately ordered Zelda, 'Tea, coffee and so on. Isn't it a waste to give it to Jeremy? Water is enough.' Victor thought.

Zelda stood there, speechless. After all, if she only gave the guest water... Was it a little impolite?

"Victor, Jeremy is our guest. Don't make trouble here anymore. Good boy!"

Victor was a little annoyed. What's the difference between the tone of coaxing a c

e didn't expect that one day, he would do such a thing that didn't match his temperament. He even went into the bathroom to look for the hair He was too ungraceful.

Just as Victor said, he was indeed a man of ulterior motives.

Looking at the hair in the bag, Jeremy smiled with satisfaction. Now his father could finally rest assured. As expected, when the result came out, it was what his father wanted to see.

But when he thought of that result, there was a complicated feeling in Jeremy's heart. For a moment, he didn't want Sophia to be the daughter of his father.

In that case...

In the following time, Victor and Jeremy were still in a tit for tat state, and Victor was obviously arrogant because Sophia was in his arms, so Victor was very confident. He sneered at Jeremy and hinted him to find a wife to hold if Jeremy envied him.

As for Jeremy, he had already got Sophia's DNA sample, so he didn't stay any longer. Otherwise, he was really worried that the two of them would fight.

Sophia asked him to stay for lunch before leaving. Jeremy also found an excuse to refuse. If he really agreed... Looking at Victor's angry and threatening eyes, Jeremy smiled and left.

Seeing that Jeremy left the villa judiciously, Victor felt comfortable all over.

"Alas, I wanted to ask Zelda to cook a delicious meal to entertain Jeremy. He seldom comes here." Sophia was a little depressed.

Victor patted her head to comfort her. 'Seldom came? Well, he'd better not come here again, or I really worried that I will lose my appetite when I sees him.'

Sophia could tell what was on Victor's mind, so she rolled her eyes at him. She thought that Victor was so childish.

Victor shrugged. He became childish only because of her. He had never been like this before.

All in all, the day that became quite farce because of Jeremy's visit had passed.

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