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   Chapter 316 Alone Time

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 10316

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Early in the morning, Sophia got up to prepare hangover soup and breakfast for the three drunk people. When Rita woke up in a daze, she found that she had slept on the sofa all night. With a sore waist and backache, she asked, "Sophia, do you really have the heart to let me sleep on the sofa?"

"Well, it's Mr. Victor's idea. It's none of my business." Sophia gave an answer awkwardly and directly put the blame on Victor, who was busy cooking in the kitchen.

"Victor? No wonder." Rita pursed her lips. Victor was indeed a man who could do such a thing. Looking at Sophia cooking, Rita immediately asked, "What are you cooking?"

"I bought some instant soup dumplings. I don't know how they taste." Sophia looked at the steamer and thought it was time to eat them.

As soon as Rita heard that there was delicious food, she directly got down the sofa and regardless of that she stepped on Jay's face. As soon as Jay felt the pain, he immediately woke up, and Rita slipped and fell directly into Leon's arms.

Jay was awakened and covered his red face. When he saw clearly that it was Rita who stepped on him, he complained to Rita, "Rita, why did you step on my face in the early morning? No matter how much hatred you have towards me, you don't have to do this."

Ignoring Jay's complaint, Rita, who fell down heavily, pushed Leon aside and said, "Honey, I'm hurt."

"What? How did you fall? " When Leon heard this, he immediately woke up and felt sorry for Rita. Without saying anything, he took Rita to the sofa and said to Jay, who was most likely to be the suspect, "You are still a man. Why did you attack a woman? I won't spare you next time."

"Hey, it's not...Wait? What did I do? It was your girlfriend who stepped on my face and slipped. " Jay crazily raised his head and showed his red face to Leon. But Leon was not interested and kept asking if Rita was hurt.

Seeing that they were quarreling that Sophia felt it was very funny, she said to them, "Go wash yourself. Breakfast will be ready soon."

"Okay, Sophia." Rita replied with a smile. She patted on Leon's shoulder and was carried away by Leon. They directly passed by Jay. At last, Rita looked at Jay as a winner.

"Well, why would I be ignored again?" Jay felt helpless, especially when he met Rita. It was useless for him to do anything.

The farce in the early morning began. Everyone was focused on having breakfast again, and from time to time they looked at the half blushed face of Jay. They tried their best to hold back their laughter.

After they left, there was still a pile of mess to clean up. Worried that Sophia would be too tired, Victor said, "You can go upstairs. I'll call the housekeeper over."

"Well, there are so many rubbish that I am worried about you if you clean it yourself." After Sophia compromised, she went upstairs. After video chatting with her assistant who was abroad, Sophia began to paint.

She had thought that she would successfully complete the new order this month, but she found that her inspiration was squeezed out like toothpaste, and it seemed t

phia to touch the knife. Even when Sophia washed vegetables, Zelda was worried that the cold water would make Sophia catch a cold.

Sophia thought Zelda was thinking too much! But she also knew that Zelda was caring about her. She felt warm in her heart. She felt that no one had cared about her so much in that house before. She was just a pawn in the hand of Caspar...

And the two of them, Stellar and Jenny, would not be nice to her. They just pointed at her and bullied her face to face.

But now, when she thought of Victor, Rita, Leon and Zelda...

Sure enough, she was really happy now.

Therefore, the lunch was prepared with the help of Zelda. The meal, including tomato stewed beef, sweet and sour spareribs, kung pao chicken, vinegar shredded potato, and a simple cucumber and stir fried vegetables. The meat and vegetable match was enough for the two people, including Zelda and Web.

The dishes were on the table. They looked delicious.

"Victor, what do you think? You can't wait to have lunch, right? " Sophia looked at Victor complacently, as if a child was asking for a reward.

Victor couldn't help laughing. He walked over, hugged her and kissed her. "Yes, yes. The food cooked by my wife, even poison, is the most delicious thing in the world." Victor teased.

Sophia hummed discontentedly, "What? Do you want to eat or not? "

"Of course I have to eat it!" Victor went to the table and sat down, greeting Zelda and Web to have lunch too.

Zelda and Web were both flattered and refused. At last, it was Victor who asked them to sit down and have dinner together. They sat down, but it was very quiet all the time. After all, in their eyes, Victor and Sophia were the masters, and they were just two servants.

"How is it? Is it delicious?" Sophia kept picking up food into Victor's bowl. Victor didn't know whether to cry or to laugh, but he still ate it up.

"It's delicious. It's almost as good as Zelda's cooking." Victor picked up a piece of pork rib and put it into Sophia's bowl, "You should also eat one."

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