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   Chapter 315 The Housewarming Party

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The location Victor chose was the most luxurious villa district in the city. It was said that all the celebrities or bosses who lived here were worth hundreds of millions, so it must be the most heavily guarded area.

"Wow, the environment here is so good. It feels like entering the garden behind a castle. And the buildings here are really beautiful." Sophia stared at the scenery outside the window, and every scene in her eyes was as beautiful as a picture.

"I'm glad you like it." Seeing that Sophia was so satisfied with it, Victor was also happy. He parked the car in front of the villa he bought for her and got off the car to open the door for her.

"Wow, it's so big." Sophia got out of the car and looked at the house in front of her. The European style architecture was just what she liked. The scenery beside was also very exquisite, and there was a small fountain. How could a gate be so luxurious?

"Let's go inside. There are a garden and a swimming pool." In fact, Victor didn't know much about this house. He asked Jay to help him choose it. Victor just knew what in it and how much he needed to pay.

"Really?" Sophia's eyes were kindling. As soon as Victor opened the door, he couldn't help but walk inside. The decoration in the Mediterranean style was also Sophia's favorite. French windows, hanging chairs, and many small ornaments that were Sophia's favorite.

Each room was divided into three floors. There were many rooms, including an indoor basketball room, a billiards room, a KTV and many entertainment rooms. There was also a room for watching movies. Of course, Victor's gym couldn't be less. After seeing so many rooms, Sophia felt stressed.

Looking at Sophia sigh on the sofa, Victor smiled and asked, "What's wrong? Don't you like it? "

"No, I just think there are too many rooms. The house is too big. There are just you and me. It feel so empty. How can we use it up?" Sophia pouted and said.

"It will be different when we have a child in the future." Victor took it for granted and said. In order to cheer Sophia up, he said, "Don't you want to see the back garden? There is a glass room for you inside. "

"Right, I haven't seen the back garden and the swimming pool yet." As expected, the swimming pool was big enough to accommodate more than twenty people at one time. The back garden was also very beautiful. The pool was sprayed with delicate landscape, and the very important glass room was filled with Sophia's favorite flowers. It was a living greenhouse. Sophia felt that she would have a lot of inspiration in it.

After looking at the house, Sophia suggested, "Shall we invite Rita and others to celebrate tonight? We haven't been so happy for a long time."

"Okay, it's up to you." Victor had hugged Sophia from her back. He wished she could be so happy every day.

"Shall we go back and clean up the things?" Sophia wanted to move the things here as soon as possible and buy something to prepare for today's celebration.

"Don't worry about it. Have you forgotten what the doctor told you? It's better for pregnant women to develop the habit of taking a nap. I'll deal with these things. You should inform Rita and others at home

her of that child. What kind of Godfather do you think you are?"

"Why can't I be the godfather? You could Just not be the godmother." Jay covered his head with both hands and hid himself aside. He was singing the opposite tune with Rita. Hearing this, Rita got angry and wanted to jump off the seat to hit him, but was held by Leon with one hand and persuaded, "Don't fight with a stupid."

"What? Who is a stupid? " In a flash, the situation of one-on-one turned into two-on-one, Jay was the weak side. Jay immediately wanted to hold on to Sophia's legs and said, "Sophia! Look at the two people who are in collusion."

"Well, you can find another one to collude with you. You don't have one. Don't blame others." Sophia persuaded him helpless, Victor saw Jay fawning on Sophia as soon as he entered the room. Without saying anything, Victor pulled Sophia to his side and said, "Don't let the baby get involved in his bad habits."

"What?" Jay complained, which made them laugh happily. After the party was ready, they began to cheer up. Although Victor was worried about Sophia that her body could not bear the party, but he found that his worries was completely unnecessary. In the end, Sophia was more excited than anyone else.

Perhaps it was because of the good atmosphere that the other three people fell into a coma on the sofa, except for Sophia and Victor who could drink a thousand glasses of wine. Sophia looked at the situation helplessly and said, "Do we have to carry them up by ourselves?"

Victor was also thinking about it with a frown. The two strong chefs in the kitchen had already been sent away. He took a look at Sophia then at the three people lying on the sofa and said, "Anyway, the sofa is big enough. Let Rita sleep on the sofa. Drag Leon and Jay down to the floor."

"Well, I'll go upstairs to get the quilt." Fearing that they might catch a cold, Sophia immediately went up to get the quilt they needed. Victor followed her and help her to get the quilt. Fortunately, there were enough quilts in the villa. After the two settled the three drunk people, they fell asleep after taking a shower.

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