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   Chapter 313 Reunion Of Lovers

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Sophia sat in the car and looked around. The domestic situation was still changing very fast. She didn't know if Victor's domestic development was going well recently or not.

"According to the latest news of the YS Group, Victor Xiao, the biggest candidate for the heir of the YS Group, was suspended at ten o'clock in the board meeting of the YS Group today..."

"The stock of the YS Group plummeted. Mr. Victor was suspended. Is it a conspiracy behind it or Xiao family is going to bring up another new person? Now Zed is also outstanding in the industry. Will Victor be threatened by..."

"Miss Teresa has married Zed after a lot of ups and downs with Victor. She should have lived a happy life, but now she lost her baby unexpectedly. It is said that Victor is present, and there is also the testimony of the witness. Is it for love or for profit?"

The big screen outside the window was reporting the latest news, but it was all about Victor, suspended, miscarriage, love, profit? What happened to Victor?

It was the first time that Sophia felt extremely nervous. In a panic, she just wanted to take out her phone to call Victor, but Rita called first.

"Hello? Sophia. I want to tell you something. "

Sophia looked out of the window and said lightly, "I think I know."

"Well, you can go home first to see if Victor is at home. If he is not at home, you can wait for him at home. I will go to find him with Leon. I called him but he didn't answer my phone." After learning these things from Leon, Rita was also very worried that Sophia would do something out of control.

"Okay." After saying that, Sophia hung up the phone. The more she wanted to calm down, the more thoughts she would have about Victor. She felt a lump in her throat and almost cried out.

The driver looked from the rearview mirror at Sophia and found that she was happy when she got on the car and now she was very sad, mainly because she was pregnant. He asked out of concern, "Well, Miss, are you okay?"

"It doesn't matter. Drive fast, please." Sophia opened her eyes wide and didn't want to cry. She just wanted to urge the driver to drive her home as soon as possible.

She didn't need to call Victor. Rita said she couldn't get through, but Sophia still wanted to have a try by luck. Victor didn't answer more than thirty calls in a row. Sophia was really worried about what would happen to him.

Looking at the extremely nervous pregnant woman, the driver also adjusted the speed a few yards. He was afraid that something bad would happen to the pregnant woman when she was nervous, and he had to be responsible for it.

Half an hour later, they arrived at Victor's apartment. The driver was kind enough to help Sophia carry the luggage and send Sophia a way. Standing at the door and holding the key, Sophia was also very nervous.

She didn't throw away the key when they lived together before. She didn't know whether he had changed the lock or not. She didn't know if he would be fine at home after such a thing happened. He had suffered much more than she was now.

Sophia opened the door nervously. It was almost five o'clock in the afternoon. The room was dark. Following the familiar feel

p a storm in Sophia's heart. Was it because he was too charming?

After taking the soup from Sophia, Victor looked at the dishes on the table and remembered that there was nothing but wine in the fridge of his house. He couldn't help asking, "Did you buy so many vegetable by yourself?"

"Otherwise, do I have to order takeout to buy food?" Sophia couldn't help laughing, but Victor felt sorry for her and said, "You are pregnant now, so you don't need to do these things in person. I will call Zelda back in the future, and you should have a good rest."

"No need. Let's talk about it when I can't walk anymore. Leave Zelda some time to accompany her family and children." Sophia hadn't seen Zelda for a long time. In fact, she missed the food Zelda cooked for her.

"You always think for others. You are busy cooking every day. Who will accompany me?"

"No, I have to develop my career at home. I don't have time to cook for you every day."

"No." Victor said overbearingly, which made Sophia laugh. After dinner, Victor took the initiative to wash the dishes, and Sophia put away her luggage and took a shower.

Sophia sat on the sofa and waited for Victor came out of the bathroom, she received a call from Rita. As soon as Sophia answered the phone, she heard a burst of blame from Rita. "Sophia. Why didn't you reply my message? How are you doing now? Are you with Victor? You don't know how worried I am. I've been waiting for your call. "

"I'm so sorry, Rita. It took me half a day to clean the living room when Victor was drunk. I forgot it all at once." Sophia stuck out her tongue awkwardly, indicating that she really forgot it.

"Drunk? How could Victor get drunk? " Rita burst into laughter. As soon as Sophia saw Victor come out of the bathroom, she covered the microphone and said, "He's out. I have to hang up."

"Well, just enjoy your two people's world." Rita hung up the phone with a smile and Sophia put it away in a hurry. Sophia had a guilty conscience.

"What? Who are you calling? " Victor wiped his hair with a towel and asked casually, Sophia said, "Ha ha, no one, I have to go to sleep."

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