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   Chapter 254 Make A Clean Break

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9708

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The sky around the airport was clear. It was not sunny yet. Standing in front of the huge glass window, Sophia looked at the airport in a complicated mood.

This time, it was said that Sophia wanted to go abroad for a trip, but in fact, she wanted to change a place where there was no Victor and heal her wounds. Sophia wasn't sure if she could get over it. But now she had no choice. No one knew how much courage it took to leave a harbor where she had always relied on.

Sophia's life had been imagining: I don't need to live in the city. It's enough to have a small quiet house. At that time, she might have become a gentle mother. There might be one child, or two children. A girl and a boy were the best. Everyday, she and Victor picked up their children to school and then went to work together. They would go for an outing in the suburbs with their children on weekends. Sometimes, they could enjoy their own lovers' world while the children were not at home...

The passion in life will fade away slowly, and the plain life will be filled with warmth all the time. It makes people feel particularly comfortable.

It wasn't difficult to realize Sophia's future life. Victor could be seen in every blueprint. But now, she had to tell herself that she had to face the future alone. The visible face in the blueprint slowly became blurry. But it was obvious to Sophia that she wouldn't fall in love with another man in the future. Unexpectedly, this was the end of her desperate love.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. She was loath to leave him. But if she wanted to cry, she had to try her best to cry because she would be too weak to be sad after crying.

Sophia crouching in the corner cried like a child. No one required a person to be strong after being lovelorn, especially when he or she had to bid farewell to a relationship that was hard to part...

Sophia's eyes became red. Occasionally, she raised her head to look at passers-by. Everyone was in a hurry doing what they had to do. It suddenly occurred to Sophia that everyone had his or her own fate. Did that mean the fates between her and Victor just like this?

The phone suddenly buzzed. Rita had already urged Sophia to pass through security. Then Sophia quickly ran into the washroom to get herself dressed up. The cold water slapped on her cheeks, as if it made Sophia sober a lot.

"Here you are at last!"

Rita said and then she went to the customs with Sophia. Behind Rita, Leon had been watching her all the time. Waving his hand, he made a phone call gesture again and said, "Tell me as soon as you land on the ground!"

Rita nodded. Somehow, she also wanted to cry at that moment. Rita was never a sentimental woman. When she had been blocked by the customs, she had understood how hard it was for her to leave Leon.

Thinking of this, Rita glanced at Sophia sitting next to her. But Sophia kept calm on her f

e office. She said softly, "You can relax yourself occasionally during working hours."

It was easy for Victor to recognize that the woman who came in was exactly Teresa. Frowning, he asked impatiently, "Why are you here?"

Seeing that Victor's attitude toward her, Teresa didn't get angry at him. Teresa patiently kept saying, "Would you like to have dinner with me at my home tonight?"

The sound of paper browsing was the only sound in the big office. However, Victor ignored Teresa as if he didn't hear her.

Teresa felt a little embarrassed. After Victor announced his their engagement on TV, he turned a blind eye to her. They were going to get engaged, but he didn't ask An family for any details. Teresa felt quite frustrated. She continued, "It's been so long. You haven't even come to An family. Today, I will invite you in person. Could you come over?"

Teresa stood up from the sofa in the office and walked to the side of Victor. She touched his shoulder and continued to say, "Victor, even if you don't care about me, you have to consider about our child, for the sake of Xiao family and An family! If some bad news is spread out, what will the outside world think of us?"

Although Teresa spoke softly, there was a trace of toughness in her tone. She had enough of pretending to be weak in front of Victor.

The reason why Teresa pretended to be cute in front of Victor was that she wanted to please him, make him like her, so as to achieve the purpose of engagement. Now, she knew that it was unlikely for Victor to fall in love with her, but their engagement was certain! Teresa didn't want to pretend anymore.

Besides, Teresa was born in An family which was on the list of power and background in S City. Since Victor didn't respect her, why should she keep a low profile to please him?

Victor was displeased. Now he hated anyone to touch his body except for Sophia. He coldly ordered, "Take it off!"

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