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   Chapter 169 Invitation From Leon

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"Rita, I don't have a female companion. Can you go with me?"

Annoyed, Rita rejected at once, "no way! I can't handle a woman like Jenny, let alone attend her engagement party. What's more, the small company of the JH Group won't make a big scene. I'm afraid that they can't handle me. "

Then Rita turned her head away, wanting to ignore Leon.

Sophia on the backseat got a little awkward when she heard the conversation. Luckily, when she looked out of the car, Leon had already driven the car to the front of the villa.

Perhaps it was Rita who refused Leon. He was frustrated. He reminded Sophia, "we are here." Sophia nodded and thanked Leon in a soft voice. Then she unfastened the safety belt and was about to get off the car.

"Wait a minute, Sophia. Let me take you to the home." Rita suddenly turned around and said to Sophia.

Looking at the serious look on Rita's face, Sophia knew that she must have something to tell her, so Sophia didn't refuse. They walked to the door of the villa together.

"What's wrong?" Sophia had her back to the door, staring at the expression on Rita's face and asking.

Rita looked around to make sure that no one was with them, and then said mysteriously, "I have a secret to tell you."

The sudden mysterious action of Rita excited Sophia so much that Sophia urged, "fine, tell me quickly!"

Rita lowered her voice so that only the two of them could hear her and continued, "in fact, I have already been with Leon. He is a good man." There was a shy smile on Rita's face, which was completely different from her usual casual expression.

Although it was known to Sophia that it was only a matter of time for Rita to be with Leon, Sophia was really glad to hear what Rita had said. Then she held Rita's hand and said excitedly, "Congratulations! You and Leon finally get together!"

Rita's face lit up. She looked back at Leon who was still sitting in the car waiting for her. She seemed to think of something. Then she said seriously, "Sophia, is it the work you and Victor do every day make you forget to eat and sleep?"

The excitement of Sophia disappeared, and she couldn't help but sigh. She nodded with disappointment and reluctantly replied, "yes."

However, it surprised Sophia that Rita was more nervous than she was. Rita got closer to her and said earnestly, "Sophia! Listen to me! Work is important, but romance is more important than work! You and Victor should take a break to adjust your relationship since you are so busy. You look terrible these days. "

Rita was so affirmative that made Sophia touching her cheek. Sophia thought back of the past few days, she only had some contact with Victor when he picked up a dress for her. Thanks to Rita's reminding, Sophia had realized what she was doing!

Rita noticed the Sophia's look on her face. Sophia got flustered. Realizing tha

Leon remembered that Rita was unwilling to go to the engagement party with him and he had begged her to do so, he felt a little jealous.

"You attended the engagement only for Sophia?" Asked Leon, displeased.

When Rita saw the serious expression on Leon's face, Rita laughed. She didn't expect that Leon, who was a man like this, would be jealous. So she said in a flirtatious tone, "I do protect her, but I have to protect my boyfriend more!"

After hearing this, although Leon did not give much response, he was naturally happy.

After dinner, Rita put on a mask and wrapped herself up. As a star, she had to avoid the paparazzi when going out. Leon hugged Rita. Because their height difference, Rita could lean her head on Leon's shoulder in the most comfortable state and at the same time, her facial features could also be covered.

When Rita was embraced by Leon, she felt so safe.

During the dinner, they drank together, so they decided to take a walk along the street for a while. Suddenly, Leon whispered in her ear, "it's so good to have you."

Rita blushed, lowered her head and smiled. A gust of breeze blew, and everything was just right.

A beam of faint moonlight shone into Victor's bedroom. Standing at the desk, Sophia randomly turned over a book, but didn't read a word.

Sophia kept thinking about what Rita had said to her today. Sophia had to admit that she listen to what Rita said earnestly..

It was almost nine o'clock in the evening, but Victor was still not home. Although their relationship was no problem at all, it should take much effort to develop it. Since everyone was so busy, it would be a good choice to add a romantic atmosphere to it.

With this in mind, Sophia asked Zelda to prepared some good incense and a slightly sexy pajamas in advance… Sophia suddenly felt a little irritable. She closed the book in her hand and walked into the bathroom.

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