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   Chapter 163 The Invitation

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Christopher took a look at the bowl filled with dishes and stopped Victor from doing that. He said indifferently, "all right. I can't eat too much."

Victor then stopped picking up food and put his chopsticks in front of his bowl in embarrassment. Christopher had never talked to him in this attitude, which made him feel less confident.

"How's the company going recently? Since Zed came back from abroad, there are a lot of things he doesn't know. You need to take care of him more often." Christopher said calmly while eating the food in his bowl.

"Zed cares much about our company's matter. If he needs my help, I'll do anything for him," Victor nodded and said honestly.

Christopher raised his eyes to look at Victor. Apparently he was satisfied with Victor's reply. That was what Xiao family should do, not only to show others, but also to show themselves!

Even though Christopher just said that he didn't want any other food, Victor still ladled out a bowl of yam and sparerib soup and placed it in front of Christopher. He pointed at the soup and said, "Grandpa, the nutrition is all in here!"

Hearing this, Christopher picked up the spoon and tasted the soup. He finally smiled. Freshly stewed yam had turned to powder, immediately melted at him mouth, and the stew with superior spareribs which was easy to chew and integrated with the yam's taste. Because it had been dried for a while, the temperature of the soup could just be adapted to the body. It slowly flowed into his stomach, bringing a little warmth to it. Christopher took another sip, the flavor of the food remained in his mouth and teeth.

Christopher put the spoon aside, took a piece of tissue and wiped his mouth. Then he asked, "why do you come to see me today, Victor? Is there anything to do in the company?" He knew Victor had been waiting for him to speak first.

After Victor heard Christopher's words, Victor put his bowl and chopsticks aside, and tried to speak in a calm voice, "grandpa, you've given lessons in school the other day, haven't you?"

Christopher's eyes lit up. Sure enough, this young man had come for Sophia! Victor tried to keep calm, but Christopher could feel that he cared about Sophia. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come here today!

Christopher put some vegetables into Victor's bowl and casually said, "that day is the anniversary of my business, and I am teaching lessons as a lecturer. What's wrong with that?"

Victor wanted to say something, but he held back. He didn't know how to explain it to Christopher. If he told Christopher that his girlfriend was in that class, it would feel too abrupt. He didn't want to make Christopher look less about Sophia.

Victor really wanted to know how Christopher thought of Sophia. Christopher was the most powerful person in Xiao family. If he open his mouth, no matter how against Sophia in the mind of Karl and

t to speak out? But it seemed that Sophia indeed left a good impression on Christopher. This was a good omen...

After Victor left, Christopher didn't take a nap. He went back to the yard outside the door and stared at the potted plants and some vines.

Christopher was a man who loved flowers and plants. There were many kinds in the yard, which could be considered a miniature park of plants. Victor was just like a plant growing in the yard. Christopher had paid much attention to him and cultivated him, but the plant would grow up one day.

After a long while, Christopher came back to his senses. He found that the butler had been waiting for him for a long time. He slowly said to the butler, "I know what the kids think, and I know my sons' thoughts. They have grown up, but they still make me so worried."

Tears welled up in the butler's eyes as he looked at Christopher. He was sent to live with Christopher ever since he was a child, and it would be no exaggeration to say that he had experienced trials and hardships together with Christopher. Now that he had seen the disputes in the family, he could surely understand the grief that Christopher felt.

"It's lunchtime. Let's get inside," the butler said softly.

Christopher's eyes were a little complicated. He raised his hand slightly, and the butler walked over to hold Christopher's arm. They walked into the house together, leaving behind a thick green...

In the YS Group.

Victor didn't come to work the whole morning. Sophia didn't get a full schedule, so she had plenty of free time to stay in the office.

It was a beige invitation card that greeted her after Sophia opened the drawer. She shook her head in frustration. Two days later, she was getting closer to the date of the engagement party, but she hadn't told Victor about it. If this situation continued, by the time Sophia reacted, the engagement party would be imminent!

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