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   Chapter 162 To See Christopher

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Victor agreed and said, "of course. You are my woman!"

Sophia glared at Victor and said in a coquettish voice, "you are so lucky. But to be honest, he is really a good teacher. I've learned a lot, and I could almost memorize every word he said in his class! " Sophia pointed to the small and dense words on the notebook.

"We walk together for a while later and talked a lot." Sophia said vivid description that she didn't notice the subtle change on Victor's face.

There was a playful tone in his voice. "Oh, there are a lot of things you have talked about?" She paused and continued, "it was raining that day. We just walked in the rain and chatted with each other. It was very romantic..."

Until then did Sophia notice that the tone of Victor was a little strange. She suddenly laughed, "Victor, are you jealous?"

Sophia reached out to touch Victor's handsome face, but found that he didn't have any reaction. She pretended to be surprised and said, "oh my God, the CEO of the YS Group is jealous!"

But Victor ignored it, pretending that he didn't care about it at all. Then he wanted to put Sophia down from his leg.

Sophia pretended to be helpless and said, "I'm so impressed! The person who teaches me the lesson is an old man. I remember that I have mentioned it to you before! Are you jealous of that old man? "

Victor hugged her again and said, "I don't allow you to be with another man behind my back! No one! "

Sophia nodded helpless and said, "don't worry. I only love you." She held his hand and went on, "that old man is not teaching causally. I just heard that day is the anniversary of his business, he will teach on that day every year!"

There was a trace of surprise in Victor's eyes when he heard this. How could this old man sound so familiar to him?

"By the way, what else did you talk about after that?" Victor asked hurriedly.

Sophia tried to recall, "nothing special, but he asked me something about my love life. I didn't expect that he is so concerned about young people's love life!" Thinking of this, Sophia made fun of him.

Sophia felt it strange when the old man asked her about her and Victor. But it shouldn't be a big deal that Sophia said it without naming anyone since they were strangers. Therefore, she had a simple chat with the old man.

When Victor heard this, his hand tightened. His instinct told him that this old man wasn't that simple.

Victor cleared his throat and asked, "do you still remember some of his features?"

Sophia tried to recall it. This class and the old man had left a deep impression on her. She answered, "yes, I remember. The old gentleman, though a little old, was sure to be handsome when he w


The moment Victor entered the house, he saw his grandpa sitting on the big yard, basking in the sun.

"Grandpa, I'm here!" Passing the prepared tonic to the housekeeper, Victor went to Christopher and called him in an intimate way.

Christopher sat in a rattan chair, turned around and looked at Victor. Then he closed his eyes and continued to bask in the sun.

"Why do you suddenly want to see me today?" Christopher had watched Victor growing up. Christopher could read all the thoughts on Victor's face. Therefore, when Christopher got a call from Victor in the morning, he could tell that Victor came here not for a simple purpose from his tone of speaking!

Victor seemed to be seen through by his grandpa and scratched his head and smiled. In front of Christopher, he was like a child that would never grow up. Whatever he was thinking, Victor could be seen through by Christopher at a glance.

"Forget it. It's too windy outside. Let's go inside and get ready. It's about time for lunch." Victor looked at his watch and found that Christopher looked relaxed, so he didn't take Victor's suddenly arrival seriously.

Christopher agreed with Victor. He stood up, patting his sore shoulder. Christopher was almost as tall as Victor, but he looked a little shorter because he was already very old and his bones had shrank back. Victor held his grandpa's arm and they walked into the house together.

The butler put the well prepared dishes on the table. Christopher sat on the main seat at the table, and Victor was helping him pick up the dishes. He had been with Christopher since childhood and had a deep feeling for him, so Victor knew Christopher's taste well. When it came to meal, Christopher would ask Victor to pick up food for him. And it was a habit for Christopher.

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