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   Chapter 161 the change in mind

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What's more, if Zed had made up his mind to beat Victor. No one could know the result.

It didn't mean that Sophia didn't believe in the ability of Victor. But from his situation in Xiao family and Zed's situation, she had to worry about Victor!

After a short moment's reflection, she held Victor's hand and said in a soft voice, "keep your eyes open!"

Of course, Victor understood what was on her mind. He gave her a warm smile and took her into his arms...

However, after returning to his office, Zed had mixed feelings. As a matter of fact, Zed was not interested in doing business at all. But if he could not find a way to replace Victor, then there would be no possibility for him to be together with Teresa!

Zed knew well about Victor's character. Although Victor had made public Sophia's status to the outside world, yet Teresa was still obsessed with Victor. So, it wasn't hard to surmise the ending. If one day, under the pressure of Victor's family, Victor married Teresa, it would be hard for them to be happy. Because Victor didn't love Teresa at all!

The one who really liked Teresa was exactly Zed! Zed couldn't stand by and watch the poor Teresa going into the abyss. Therefore, Zed could only try his best to compete with Victor. Only in this way could Zed possible to be Teresa's husband!

At first, Zed was always respectful to Victor. But when he thought of the fact that Victor disliked Teresa and that there might be a marriage between Victor and Teresa, Zed couldn't help but feel angry! In particular, Teresa would come to him to complain tearfully every time she was treated unfairly by Victor. How could Zed see his beloved woman crying for another man?

Zed could only make himself stronger and stronger so that he could replace Victor. Only in this way, he could be the only man in the eyes of Teresa and in her heart!

Zed couldn't help thinking of the romantic night he had with Teresa. Although he was also drunk at that time, he was still conscious. No man could refuse a woman who was begging him?

'Teresa, I will be responsible for you...' Zed thought.

Zed thought that he would be responsible for what he had done for Teresa and that she would see his efforts one day!

In the afternoon, Sophia suddenly received a EMS package. There was only a paper bag outside, and Sophia didn't know what it was. She walked upstairs with the package. She thought for a long time and couldn't think of anything that could be connected to the package in her hand.

After she returned to her office, Sophia cautiously opened the bag and saw a creamy white invitation. The invitation was well tailored, with delicate laces around. In the middle, there was a golden body of the letter, which wrote, "this is my call for love."

It was suddenly clear to Sophia. This was the engagemen

notice the movements in the room. Quietly, Victor walked to the back of Sophia. With a complacent smile on his face, he stretched out a pair of big claws and approached Sophia's waist.

Victor made her itchy and her waist was too soft to be touched. Without precaution, Victor touched her waist that made her laugh.

"You're back. Stop it. I can't stand it!" Overwhelmed by the rapture, she gasped for air, and begged Victor to stop.

Victor finally stopped. Like a proud child, he grabbed Sophia's chair and held her in his arms.

"Do you miss me?" Asked Victor in a spoiled manner.

Sophia nodded. She said honestly and shyly, "yes, I missed you all day!"

Victor seemed to be satisfied with this answer. He noticed a notebook on the desk and it was filled with words.

"What's this?" Victor picked up the notebook and turned several pages with interest, he asked.

Looking at Victor that he was looking the notebook, she seemed to have thought of something. "Well, I've told you that there is a very special class in our class? I had a class the other day... "

Victor turned the notebook back to the one she had put on the table and gestured for Sophia to go on, "eh?"

Playing Victor's slender fingers, Sophia continued, "I got off class late after the class was over, and met that old man. We had a walk together."

Listening to Sophia's words, Victor also tried to recall, "is it the day you got wet while came back home?" He remembered that when Sophia got home that day, she was wet all over. He was so worried about her that he hastened to urge her to take medicine and take a shower before going to bed. So he didn't ask her about the last class.

Sophia nodded and said, "he told me a lot and he also said that I'm gifted!" Sophia wasn't a woman who liked to show off. She just wanted to attract Victor's attention and share her happiness with him.

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