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   Chapter 156 Jealousy

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It's no wonder that Teresa was in a bad mood when she came back last night. Victor made it so public that Sophia was his girlfriend.

Connie didn't expect that the arrogant and domineering woman, Grace, could behave so carelessly in front of her son and let him do whatever he wanted such as being together with Sophia. It was said that Christopher didn't oppose the relationship between Victor and Sophia. He even met Sophia once.

Teresa had long complained that if it weren't for Zed's help, Colin would have fire her for Sophia's sake. If this continued, Colin would marry Sophia, which meant that Teresa would have no chance to marry Victor!

How could Connie bear to see her daughter suffer this? She immediately called her husband's assistant. "Mrs. Connie, what can I do for you?" Fred picked up the phone and answered with respect.

"Fred, go and help me with something." Connie hold back her anger. Trying to calm herself down.

"Yes, madam. What's up?" Fred had got used to the fact that Connie asked him to deal with some trifles from time to time. Most of them were about Teresa.

"Can you connect our family's influence in the media! Give them some news about Sophia who was the secretary of the YS Group's president - Victor! It doesn't matter if it's true or not. I just want to make Sophia fail." Said Connie with a sneer.

"Got it, Mrs. Connie. I'll contact them at once." Fred quickly understood what Connie meant. The overwhelming news of Victor and Sophia was everywhere. Fred already knew that Connie would do something bad to Sophia.

Fred Chen hung up the phone, and immediately called editor Lin in the magazine which the An Group was familiar with. Fred showed Connie's attitude on the phone. editor Li promised ambiguously. He didn't reject Fred, neither did he promise him. Although Fred didn't know editor Li's attitude, he dared not to ask any more questions. After all, they dared not give Connie the cold shoulder, so Fred didn't worry about it.

On the other side, Victor had took Sophia in his car. Sophia sat in the passenger seat. From time to time, she looked towards Victor's side face with a happy smile on her lips.

"Why are you always peeping at me?" Victor thought it was funny and asked with a smile look.

"Do you have eyes on the side! How did you know that I was looking at you since you had been focusing on driving? " Sophia turned away with a guilty conscience.

With a smile, Victor held the steering wheel with one hand and held Sophia's hand with the other hand. Sophia didn't peek Victor anymore. She tried to adjust her sitting posture and looked forward. Suddenly, she found that this road was not the way home but the opposite. "Are you taking the wrong way? This is not the way home! "

"When did I say that we would go home! It's weekend. It's still early. I'll take you to the cinema. I've already bought the tickets!" Said Vic

he controller of the YS Group. Zed believed that at that time, he would be the only one in Teresa's eyes.

With such thought, Zed worked all day at the company and didn't finish reading the documents until late afternoon. After organizing the files on the table, he called Teresa with a cautious attitude.

At this moment, Teresa was lying on the bed, recalling what had happened yesterday. She really didn't understand why an illegitimate daughter of humble birth like Sophia could attract both Victor and Jeremy. Jeremy would save her without hesitation when she was in trouble and buy her limited edition shoes. To make Jeremy give up the idea of having a relationship with Sophia, Victor announced his relationship with Sophia openly! Why? Why Sophia could get so many things. But she got nothing from it!

She spared no effort to treat Victor well, but what she got in return was always his cold words! why! Why was this world so unfair! How could the daughter of the An Group lose to the illegitimate daughter! The more Teresa thought about it, the more upset she felt. She robbed the pillow in her hand forcefully, as if it was Sophia.

At this time, the ringtone was even more annoying. Without even looking at the screen, Teresa answered the phone and said impatiently, "hello."

"Is that Teresa? This is Zed." Zed's gentle voice came from the other end of the phone. His voice was low, as pleasant as cello.

When Teresa heard it was Zed, her attitude eased a little bit and she asked with a smile, "Zed, what do you want to see me about?"

"In fact, I don't have anything special to do tonight, and I wonder if you have time to have dinner with me."

"Okay." Teresa promised outright. She was very depressed that no one could talk about. Now, Zed came!

Zed and Teresa would meet at a western restaurant. Arrived first, Zed ordered food directly. He knew Teresa since childhood, and knew everything about her.

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