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   Chapter 155 A Invitation

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"No way!" Rita shook off Sophia idea. "S City is big. But there are so many people going shopping. What if my fan recognize me? I have to keep a good image, image! " As Rita spoke, she straightened her back and adjusted her sunglasses. Then she strode forward confidently.

Sophia looked Rita and shook her head. It seemed that it was not easy to be a star. Rita needed to consider all kinds of possibilities of meeting her fans before going shopping.

It was lunch time. Rita and Sophia chose a western restaurant to have lunch. To have a quite meal, Rita reluctantly took Sophia to the innermost, and sat in an extremely inconspicuous seat.

Rita called the waitress to order and she happened to be one of Rita's fans. The girl was so excited to see her and asked for her autograph. Rita immediately adjusted herself to a tender goddess. She smiled and signed for the waitress.

Looking at the waitress leaving happily, Sophia shook head one after another, and said half-jokingly, "look, this is the public criticism. You have to be careful on everything."

"Hello!" Rita frowned and pretended to retort angrily, "Aren't you a public figure?" Rita replied as she shook the cover of the entertainment magazine. There was a picture of Sophia and Victor in it.

When Sophia saw the magazine, she thought about how bossy Victor was. He propped his hand against the table and claimed that he was the man she loved. Thinking of this, she blushed and gave a broad smile.

Rita frowned and sighed. She cupped her chin in one hand and shook her head to tease Sophia, "it's over. Sophia, you are hopeless. You are the kind of woman that is often said to be in love, and your IQ is low. Look at the lewd smile on your face when I mentioned Victor. "

Surprised by Sophia's words, Sophia instantly felt embarrassed. She widened her eyes and snapped back, "you are that the pot calls the kettle black! Think about it. When you have time you can't wait to find Leon in the YS Group."

When it came to Leon, Rita lowered her head with a blush. She didn't talk too much, but just smiled sweetly. Perhaps everyone had such a person in their heart. Only by mentioning it, they would feel heartbeats like thunder, and only blushed.

Sophia handed a piece of mirror to Rita and giggled, "look at yourself? How dare you make fun of me! "

"Sophia, you don't know Leon. He is a man who doesn't pay much attention to dignity. Besides, he is sharp tongued. But he is a man in crucial time," Rita commented. Rita recalled Leon's handsome face with a smile.

"How handsome is he?" Sophia asked curiously, smiling ambiguously. Since Leon had lost his temper because of Rita's scandal last time, Sophia knew that Rita meant a lot to Leon. Leon would do anything for Rita's sake.

"The time when my gossip came out..." "Forget it. Why sh

nship between them. After that, she threw up her hands.

"Then what are you going to do? Just refuse! Or you will be very embarrassed. You and Victor are on good terms. The media is full of positive comments. If anyone knows that you went to their engagement party, you will get yourself in trouble. " Rita replied, "your sister is obviously ill intentioned. She had spread about your negative news with Teresa before. There must be some plot this time! Listen to me, you can't go there! "

"But..." After a brief pause, Sophia said, "but, Jenny asked me to go with Victor. Rita, I know you're doing this for my own good. In fact, I don't know why Jenny asked me to go. I know that she's waiting for me to get hooked, perhaps because she's not well intentioned. But I want to go there. I want to stand beside Victor and appear in public. I want people know that I am Victor's girlfriend. "

Rita was surprised. She couldn't understand Sophia's feeling. According to what Rita thought, as long as they could be together well, did it really matter that what others thought and recognized? Sophia always felt inferior when she was with Victor. The better Victor was to her, the more self-abased she would be. But Rita also knew that as a popular star, she couldn't understand what was in Sophia's mind. It would harm Sophia if Rita spoke without thinking, so she'd better keep silent.

After their lunch, Rita asked, "what do you plan to do next?"

"I just sent Victor a message on wechat. He said he would pick me up." Said Sophia with a smile.

"Okay, you can have a good time. I have to spoil my Leon! " Rita replied with a playful smile.

With a frown, Connie sat on the couch with a magazine in her hand. The magazine was filled with a mixture of funny stories of Victor and Sophia. When Connie read the content that praised Sophia, she threw the magazine aside furiously.

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