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   Chapter 154 Headline News

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9934

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Teresa still cared about Victor so much, even though Victor had admitted in front of the whole company that Sophia was his girlfriend. Teresa still couldn't let him go.

Holding Sophia in his arms, Victor put her on the chair, picked up her delicate chin with his index finger and gently printed a fleeting kiss on her pink lips. Then he walked to the window and made a call.

Jeremy sat in his office. His secretary was reporting to him that he went to the YS Group to send the gift to Sophia. Suddenly, his phone vibrated on his desk. Jeremy picked it up and smiled when he saw the name of Victor. Waving his secretary out, Jeremy answered the phone, "Hello, Mr. Victor. Long time no see! How are you recently?"

With a sneer, Victor replied icily, "thanks to Mr. Jeremy, I am fine."

"What brings you to think about me today?" Jeremy asked deliberately.

"I want to thank you, Mr. Jeremy. Thank you for helping me choosing the gift for my girlfriend! She likes it very much! " Victor stressed the words "my girlfriend" on purpose as a warning.

"It's good that Sophia likes it. I was worried that the things I like might not interest any girl! I couldn't accept Mr. Victor's 'thank you'. After all the gift is I send to Sophia that has nothing to do with you. " Jeremy said coldly.

"You must be kidding, Mr. Jeremy. Sophia is my girlfriend. How could it have nothing to do with me?" ''She is my girlfriend, '' he repeated!

Jeremy said one fact without any fear, "Mr. Victor, she is just your girlfriend, not Mrs. Xiao. It is not under the protection of the law. Even if I change her to Mrs. Mu one day, you can only goggle at her!"

After hearing what Jeremy said, Victor's face turned cold and his voice became serious. He said word by word, "you'd better give up on her!" The declaration of wildness and possession!

"No way!" After Jeremy said that, he took the phone off his ear and hung it up. This was also his declaration!

Sophia watched Victor hang up the phone, and his face seemed to have been covered with a layer of frost. She cautiously called, "Victor?"

He turned around, Victor's eyes were filled with tenderness when he looked at Sophia. He came over, took hold of Sophia's hand and asked, "there are so many flies outside staring at you. What should I do?" Victor asked with a troubled look.

Wearing a shy smile on Sophia's face, she blushed with shyness. "Look at the gift from Jeremy, don't you feel jealous?" Since Victor didn't get jealous about the gift, Sophia began to be less cautious.

"Teresa brought me breakfast and flowers every day. Don't you feel jealous about that? You choose to believe me, and so do I. " Said Victor with a smile.

These simple words weighed heavily on Sophia's mind, making her unable to tell how happy she was. She always felt that the most beautiful sweet words in the world were not "I love you", but "I believe you". It's easy to be in love. Sometimes it's just a momentary matter. How

heels that day!" Sophia took a moment of hesitation.

"Wow, Victor declares his sovereignty! Victor was great! Tell me! Are you guys having fun at home? " Rita asked curiously.

"What are you talking about? Victor is out to meet a client. I'm at home alone." Said Sophia lightly.

"It seems that you are quite free! Would you like to go out with me? Let's go shopping, have dinner and then do manicure. It happens that your news is so dazzling that it has occupied the headlines of all kinds, so I have no place to endorse. I'm quite idle! " Rita quipped.

It was said that Rita didn't have a schedule today. So it was time for Sophia to meet her best friend. Sophia smiled and said, "Okay, I'm going to meet you now. Send me your address. I'll ask the driver to go with me."

Rita was lying on the bed. When she heard Sophia would come to her, Rita was thrilled and said, "great. I'll share my seat with you on wechat! Oh, don't blame me for not reminding you! You're a public figure now on the front page of the news. If you go out, you should dress up in disguise, such as wearing sunglasses or something like that! " Rita smiled and shared her experience with guarding journalists.

"Okay, wait for me!" After finishing these words, Sophia hung up the phone, and then called Derek. Perhaps it was because Victor had told Derek to turn on his phone 24 / 7, waiting for Sophia's call. Derek had been on call. Sophia was in a good mood to enjoy the VIP treatment, so she went out to date with Rita. Besides, she also got ready to be debunked.

"Ah! Exhausted! Sophia, let's go to eat something. " It was such a tiring day for Rita and Sophia. They had been shopping for the whole morning with many shopping bags in their hands. The sweat sprang up on their smooth forehead.

Sophia looked down at Rita's six inch high-heeled shoes. She couldn't help but laugh and said, "who told you to wear high-heeled shoes to go shopping? Why don't you wear flat shoes like me?"

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