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   Chapter 153 Announce

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 10045

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Teresa was not easy to deal with at first sight, and she was supported by Connie. An family was powerful and influential, so Connie and Teresa could do anything to get Victor Teresa loved back, it could be seen from this time they tried to find someone to defile Sophia. But judging from Victor's performance this time, it didn't mean that Victor could protect Sophia.

Sophia said that Victor had arranged a powerful driver for her to protect her, but was it enough to protect her in the face of the crazy Connie and Teresa?

The relationship in Xiao family would also get complicated after Zed came back. Could Sophia handle this? In the face of the threat caused by Zed's return to the YS Group, could Victor really guard against it? Would one day Victor turn to Teresa for help from An family in order to obtain his position in the YS Group? But in Jeremy's eyes, these things were not sure.

If Victor couldn't give Sophia a happy life, then Jeremy would take the place of Victor! Jeremy didn't want to make any concession anymore. He wanted to compete with Victor for Sophia's heart! The person in charge was the action faction. Jeremy was no exception. Since he had made up his mind, he would take actions immediately. He picked up the phone on his desk and dialed the internal number. The secretary's solemn and respectful voice came through the phone.

Jeremy squinted and said on the phone, "I want you to do me a favor." His tone was full of authority and coldness, which could not be refused by anyone.

Sophia put down the files which Victor had to read this afternoon, took a deep breath and stretched. She walked to the French window and opened it. The cool breeze blew at her face, making her feel so comfortable. Sophia took a look at the time, and there was still twenty minutes left before lunch time. By that time, Victor's meeting was about to finish! At this time, the phone on the Sophia's table rang. Sophia got a headache. Could it be that she had to deal with some more documents! She picked up the phone reluctantly and it was from the reception. "Sophia, there's a person looking for you. Come downstairs."

"Okay, wait a moment. I'll go downstairs now. " Sophia answered and confused who was looking for her.

Sophia noticed there were a lot of people gathering there. She wondered what had happened.

"Look! Coming! " One of the female employees noticed Sophia, and she made way with others for Sophia.

It was Jeremy's secretary, with a box in his hand. Recently, the YS Group was cooperating with the Mu Group. The secretary of Jeremy often went to the YS Group, so most employees knew him. Sophia was confused why she came to meet him. If it was business, why didn't he go directly to the office but wait for her here? 'Why are they so fussy again?' Sophia wondered.

Smiling, Jeremy's secretary shook the box in his hand and said, "Sophia, I came here today to give this to you under the instruction of our CEO. He said as he passed the box to Sophia.


he gave a soft smile and held Victor's shoulder, took off the normal formal shoes on her feet, and tried on the new shoes. Sophia's dainty feet made her perfect match with the unique design of that pair of shoes.

With a smile, Victor put his arm around Sophia's waist and got closer to her. "It's great. It's a great match for you. I should thank Jeremy. "

Sophia blushed and lowered her head, resting her head on Victor's shoulder. Victor picked Sophia up in the arms as princess held.

Her body was suddenly lifted into the air, and Sophia was startled. She flung her arms around Victor's neck reflexively and said, "Vic... Victor, what are you doing? "

"Your shoes are so beautiful. What if they got dirty? Of course I have to hold you back to my office! " With that, Victor walked towards the elevator, he was no intention of letting Sophia down.

"Everyone is watching us, Victor! Put me down! " Sophia said with a helpless smile.

"Really? This is my company. Who dares to look around? " Then Victor turned his head back. When he looked back, people who were looking them all moved their eyes and pretended to look away.

Sophia knew that the domineering Victor was unreasonable, so she had to let him hold her. She put her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. She felt extremely happy, as if she had owned the whole world. Sophia pouted and kissed on Victor's face.

When the others saw that Victor carried Sophia into the elevator, they exclaimed, "oh my God, our CEO is so romantic! My girlish heart is going to melt! " One of them said with admiration.

The sight of the affection in Victor's eyes when he held Sophia in his arms infuriated Teresa. Victor had never looked at Teresa that way. Her eyes were filled with resentment and she wanted to torn Sophia into pieces.

Zed looked down from upstairs and saw what had happened. When Zed saw the anger that flashed across Teresa's eyes because of jealousy Sophia, there was a darkness in Zed's eyes.

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