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   Chapter 152 Rumors

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 9898

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"Victor, take a look at this document." Sophia carried a folder and passed it to Victor, only to find that Victor's gloomy face was in sharp contrast to the previous sunny day. "What's wrong with you, Victor? Is there something wrong with your work? "

"Nothing." Taking the folder from Sophia's hand, Victor crumpled through it.

Sophia was shocked by Victor's attitude. He was fine when he went to work this morning. How could his mood change so fast in only half an hour! "What's wrong with you, Victor? Tell me what happened. " Sophia said with a smile. In order to make Victor happy, she poked on his face.

Victor thumped the table heavily when he heard Sophia's words. Sophia took a step back. With a height of almost ten centimeters, Victor stood up, looking down at Sophia. Step by step toward to Sophia.

"Vi... "Victor?" This man's abnormality made Sophia tremble in fear. She retreated to a corner. In a very possessive posture, Victor confined Sophia in the corner. He squinted and asked, "do you know that the breakfast and flowers on my table were prepared by Teresa?"

"It's not that I knew it early. I just thought of it the day before yesterday when I saw her in the elevator..." Sophia honest answered, confused. Did Victor get angry because of this? However... She didn't think she did anything wrong!

"Then, how do you feel when you see that Teresa prepared breakfast for me and put flowers on my table?" Victor continued to ask.

"What?" Sophia was even more astonished. She didn't what Victor meant.

Seeing that Sophia was so obedient, Victor got straight to the point. "Why aren't you jealous at all when you see that Teresa treats me so well? Do you have me in your heart? " There was a hint of jealousy in Victor's voice.

Sophia was stunned that she burst into laughter. She thought something bad had happened to him. It turned out that it was not her fault, but he was the one who got jealous. People always said that Victor could make a difference in S City. But in Sophia's view, sometimes he was as childish as a child. Perhaps it was because he loved her that she saw a different side of him.

Then Sophia put her arms around Victor's neck, stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the lips. "Do you think you aren't in my heart?" Blinking her eyes, Sophia asked shyly. Struggling to get rid of his control, she picked up a cup on the table and ran to the tea room.

When Victor came back to his senses, Sophia was gone. He reached out and touched his thin lips. Thinking of the tenderness just a moment ago, he pursed his lips and a trace of tenderness appeared in his heart.

When Sophia was making coffee in the tea room, the phone in her bag suddenly vibrated. Sophia took out her phone and saw the name of Jeremy on it. Sophia took a deep breath and walked out of the tea room. After she looked around to make sure that there was no one else, she went back to the tea room and picked up the phone in a low voice.

just felt lonely to play with her. I heard that Teresa was the daughter-in-law picked up by the mother of the big boss! " B was trying to gossip.

Hearing this, Sophia left without saying anything. Since she had been with Victor, many people had said the same words. In the beginning, Sophia would be a little sad to hear such comments, as she thought that it could be immune to any kind of poison for a long time. Everyone in the company knew the relationship between her and Victor, but no one treated her as Victor's girlfriend.

In the eyes of those people, she was just a mistress of Victor. When Victor got tired of it, he would throw her away without hesitation and choose to be with Teresa.

But Sophia didn't think so. She believed that Victor loved her. Even if his family couldn't accept her, he would try his best to marry her. She loved Victor, so she was willing to wait for him to marry her. She believed that Victor was different from other playboys.

Because she believed that she had already chosen the ending of her relationship with Victor. As for other people, she couldn't control them. Thinking of the jealous look of Victor in the office just now, she felt a little sweet in her heart. Sophia smiled and went back to the office.

Jeremy sat at his desk and lit a cigarette. Surrounded by the smoke, he looked at the photo on his desk. It was Sophia's photo, Sophia was smile in the photo. Jeremy smiled. She was so special that he couldn't look away from her. But she didn't belong to him! She chose Victor! It reminded Jeremy of Sophia's cautiousness when she answered her phone. She was afraid that Victor would misunderstand her! She was always so sweet and considerate.

In the past, Jeremy thought that if Sophia liked Victor, he wanted her to be happy. Now that she had chosen Victor, he might wish her happiness. But this time, the thing had changed his opinion. Would Sophia be happy if Teresa could interfere to Sophia and Victor?

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