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   Chapter 150 Important Class

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It was very common for students to focus on their studies in school, but only few of them were able to focus on their studies because they were in their twenties.

Sophia had finished all the notes, read through the notebook carefully, and felt that she had gained a lot. When Sophia raised her head, she found the old man was looking at her. She smiled politely to him.

At this time, the old man's expression had become very gentle. He didn't look like to be far away from the lesson. He picked up his handbag and walked towards Sophia.

"May I have a look?" The old man asked, pointing at the notebook in Sophia's hand.

Sophia nodded and passed the notebook to the old man, her hands shaking. Sophia was nervous. She had never expected that she would have the chance to meet such a big shot.

The old man carefully turned over Sophia's notes. He was surprised that she wrote down every word he had said in class. He looked through it roughly again and found the girl's name on the first side of the notebook: Sophia. The handwriting was good and lovely as though it was from a girl, but it was powerful. The old man's eyes flashed a trace of excitement. It turned out that she was Sophia of everyone's words.

On the other side, Sophia suddenly found that the old man was standing. She quickly stood up and gave her seat to the old man, and whispered, "you can sit and watch!"

The old man glanced at Sophia with a smile and immediately understood her meaning. He sat in the seat she had just sat.

"Do you understand the lesson I taught just now?" The old man closed the notebook and asked kindly.

Sophia nodded with satisfaction, and then shook her head immediately. She said shyly, "I got it, but I have to go back and study some details. Moreover, I don't know exactly what you just mentioned... I didn't majored in this before. I sort of leaving halfway? "

Sophia opened the notebook, and pointed out the content that the old man had said before. He could tell that she was listening carefully. And the old man patiently explained it to Sophia according to what he had just said.

"Sir, thank you for telling me so much..." Sophia closed the notebook and said to the old man with satisfaction.

To be honest, Sophia felt very happy now. She felt that she was so lucky to have such a heavyweight to personally explain everything to her.

Still with a smile, the old man said, "it's okay. There are not many descendants like you now. We should encourage you more!" With that, the old man was about to walk out of the classroom. Sophia's stuff had already been packed and she was about to leave. They temporarily walked along a path.

In the middle of their walk, the old man suddenly turned to Sophia and said, "by the way, I find several ideas you just put forward very interesting and novel. I think yo

her look a bit awkward. But she didn't care at all. All she was thinking about was that old gentleman she met today. As long as he was fine, nothing else mattered.

The old man sitting on the back seat of the taxi stared at the umbrella in his hand for a long time, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

And Sophia was indeed not as others said. So he had confidence in Victor!

The old man looked out of the window at the rain and said to the driver: "stop at the next intersection."

Upon hearing that, the driver remembered what the young woman had told him and felt a little embarrassed. But for some reason, the old man's aura was irresistible. He didn't dare to refute, so he had to drive to the next intersection and stopped.

As soon as the taxi stopped, a man in a black suit opened the door for the old man, held an umbrella and led him to a black car nearby. The driver stopped and found that was a Rolls Royce.

When the old man got in the car, the man who held an umbrella for him just put a new coat on him. "We are now?" He asked.

The old man's amiable expression was gone and he said in a cold voice, "go back to Xiao family."

At night, Teresa was lying on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. The picture that Victor with Sophia and the sternness of that day kept flashing through Teresa's mind. She was unwilling.

The so-called important class which Sophia got last time was Christopher's class. It gave Teresa a sense of crisis. She didn't know what kind of person Christopher was, who used to be powerful in business, but she heard that Christopher, who started from scratch, had no family background.

In this respect, they were totally different from the rich and noble people like Karl and Grace. That was to say, in the eyes of Christopher, Sophia's humble family was no different from An family's daughter, Teresa.

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