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   Chapter 141 Intimidate Them

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"If there is no problem, the meeting is over!"

The meeting room, which had been a little noisy, quieted down. The executives seemed to want to say something, but they were shocked by the fierce gaze of Victor and had to keep silent.

But when they heard Victor's words, they were suddenly enlightened. They had been wondering why Zed was recruited into the group at such a young age, and sure enough, it had something to do with Christopher.

Despite so, the top managers of the company didn't intend to give Zed a good chance to do something. They didn't believe a little boy could do anything big. Most people only supported Victor from the bottom of their hearts. Since Christopher had arranged such a position for Zed, others had to turn a blind eye to it.

No one prepared to speak anymore and the meeting was over. After the crowd left, Zed walked to the side of Victor and said politely, "thank you for speaking for me, Victor."

"Your surnamed is Xiao," Victor said expressionlessly, looking at Zed with unfathomable eyes. It sounded like a statement to the fact and also a statement to show that Zed should not do anything reckless.

Zed didn't try to find out the hidden meaning in Victor's words, but took a serious look at the meeting room and then left.

…… On the way back to his office, Zed couldn't help recalling what had just happened. It was the first time that Zed came to work, and also the first time that he attended a formal meeting. He had thought that it would be as easy as the legendary arrival ceremony, but it turned out that the reality was so unacceptable.

The senior executives of the YS Group didn't accept Zed. They even taught him a hard lesson at the first meeting. It was not that Zed didn't know, but he didn't want to act rashly because he was not sure if these people who openly opposed him had been under the orders of Victor. On the other hand, although Zed accepted the request of his parents, he really hated the conflicts between business and complex contradictions within the company. He hadn't adjusted his state of mind to deal with all this calmly.

Finally, Zed came back to the office. The tense nerve on his face was swept away. He sat back on the chair, his slender legs resting casually on the desk. Taking a pile of blank A4 paper beside the desk, Zed began to write and draw with a black pen.

Drawing was much more pleasing than reality...

…… Sophia collected all the files in the meeting room, carried the computer in her hand and walked out of the meeting room with Victor.

Sophia got back to the office with Victor. She sorted out

a didn't stop for Victor's question. It was all on the Internet. Sophia said slowly, "I've taken a junior course recently? I have heard that a heavyweight is giving a lecture in our class in a few days. I'll make preparations in advance and review what he is going to say! "

A hint of discontent flashed through Victor's heart when he heard this. He asked, "who is it?"

"The name and identity are not announced. The introduction says that a mysterious guest will give a lecture!" Sophia had been looking forward to this mysterious guest. Now the more they talked about it, the more excited she became. She smiled.

"The course just likes to do these stunts, fool young people like you. Only afraid of the last empty joy."

There was a strong jealousy in Victor's voice, but he didn't realize it.

Sophia put on a blaming look and said, "Why are you talking like that, Victor?" On second thought, she found it funny. "Are you jealous?" Sophia couldn't help but think that Victor could be so childish...

Facing Sophia's question, Victor didn't want to admit it. He was indeed a little bit unhappy, but it was absolutely impossible for him to be jealous for such a trivial thing! No matter how hard it had been for Victor, as the head of the YS Group, he would never let Sophia laugh at him.

Ignored Sophia's tease, Victor put on a serious look and was about to sit next to her and read the book with Sophia.

The breeze blew into the office in the afternoon. The air was sweet. It was such a wonderful scene that Victor leaned against Sophia that made the female employees of the company almost screamed...

After they got off work, Zed and Teresa were waiting for the elevator to the underground garage to get their cars.

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