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   Chapter 139 Three Person's Schemas

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Jenny looked at Peter and held his arm as if she could feel his displeasure. "I am the only one in his heart!"

Nodding his head in agreement, Peter gripped Jenny's hand with feigned affection.

"Mr. Peter, are you working in the JH Group now?" Teresa asked.

When Peter was about to answer, Jenny said first, "yes. Peter works in my father's company and help him manage many things. After all, he is going to take over the JH Group in the future and he needs my father to remind him of many things!" After saying that, Jenny smiled at Peter, feeling a sense of happiness.

However, this time, Peter didn't respond to Jenny's expression, but looked up at Teresa and said slowly, "yes, I am the general manager of uncle Casper's company." Then, Peter took out a business card from the inner bag of his coat and handed it to Teresa with both hands.

In fact, Peter was quite averse to Jenny for chipping in their conversation. Because of the lack of life experience, he always had a strong sense of inferiority in his heart. He was afraid of the poor life of his childhood, so he worked hard in order to one day stand out. In Peter's eyes, Jenny's behavior was a challenge to his dignity. He didn't want others to think that he was incompetent and that he only depended on women.

Teresa smiled back politely and took the card from him, which read, "Peter, general manager of the JH Group."

Teresa put the business card into her bag beside the table in an instant. She had seen the subtle expression on their faces just now, but she didn't expect that Caspar would be so relieved to give the JH Group to Peter. But to be honest, Jian family's members didn't get along well with each other. They were all daughters without sons. And in the future, he was the only son-in-law who could inherit the family business. In that case, Peter not only fell in love with Jenny, but also had a strong desire for the JH Group. So it might be because of interests that he abandoned Sophia.

But Teresa didn't care about that. They were friends in front of their common enemies!

"It seems that you two are on good terms," Teresa raised her eyebrows, stared at Jenny and Peter's holding hands and sighed.

Looking at each other, Jenny smiled and said shyly, "yes, I love Peter, and Peter loves me very much. And - " She cleared her throat, like had an important announcement and Jenny said: "We are getting married soon." After saying that, Jenny looked very proud.

Jenny could not help feeling cheerful as long as she thought of the man Sophia once missed so much was now by her side and she had controlled him so well. Jenny had considered the reason why she didn't like Sophia. Perhaps it was because Sophia had become an uninvited guest to Jian family. S


Jenny shook her head. She couldn't suppress her excitement in her voice. "It's not confirmed yet, but it's getting soon. My father said that he'd better choose a lucky day to hold an engagement ceremony."

"Here is the thing. Since we are all busy in the company these days, uncle Casper wants to hold the engagement ceremony when everyone takes a break after we get everything done." Peter looked into Teresa's eyes and added.

Thinking of the upcoming engagement, he was also a little happy that he was closed to take over the JH Group and his irritability due to Sophia was swept away.

"Teresa, you must come over then. You will witness this by my side!" Suddenly, Jenny took hold of Teresa's hand and said happily.

Teresa agreed at once and said, "Okay, I will definitely go!" After saying that, she came up with another idea. Teresa continued, "I think you should invite another person..."

"Who is it?" Confused, Jenny asked and glanced at Peter. Peter shook his head, indicating for Teresa to go on.

There was a mysterious smile on Teresa's pretty face, but it looked gloomy and terrifying in the dim light. She pretended to be exasperated and said, "you're such a fool. Your sister Sophia! How could Sophia be absent on this important occasion? The person who can witness your happiness the most is her! "

Looking at each other, Jenny and Peter understood what Teresa meant in an instant and promised her.

Although Jenny didn't want this kind of thing to happen on such an important day, the idea of showing off in front of Sophia swept her doubt. Would this engagement party expose Sophia's painful in the past? Thinking about it carefully, Jenny thought it was the best day for her. It was time for Sophia to witness. If they could take this opportunity to humiliate Sophia, everyone would be very happy.

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