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   Chapter 137 Begin To Understand

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"So, Teresa, do you agree to be with me?" Asked Zed excitedly.

With an embarrassed look on Teresa's face. She turned around and said, "I don't think it's a good idea. I'm too young to think about it."

Joy had taken the control of Zed's mind, so he didn't listen to what Teresa said. He replied wholeheartedly, "it's okay, Teresa. I'm willing to wait for you to grow up!"

Zed looked at Teresa sincerely and earnestly. With her eyes full of tears, Teresa said, "thank you, Zed."

But on the other hand, Teresa was quite pleased with herself. Zed could almost do anything for her from now on. She had been worried that she couldn't stop Victor from being together with Sophia. And now, she had another qualified assistant to help her!

With a slight smile, Zed patted on her shoulder and said, "you're welcome. It's my will. Let's go. I'll drive you home! "

In fact, Zed knew what was in Teresa's mind. The man she liked was Victor. If it were Victor who had said this to Victor, she would definitely agree. Indeed, he was much worse than Victor. Since he was a child, Victor was the most brilliant person in Xiao family. He was always neglected.

Thinking of this, the light in Zed's eyes dimmed for a few seconds, but he quickly covered it up.

Teresa carefully observed his expressions, but she pretended not to see that. She nodded, letting her little hand be pulled by Zed to the copilot seat.

On the way, Zed couldn't help thinking that he was unaware of the news that Teresa was in China, but that Teresa had never admitted in front of him that she must be with Victor. And today, in the company, Victor introduced Sophia in his face, which meant that there was no possibility between Victor and Teresa. As long as Teresa didn't admit to him that she wanted to be with Victor, Zed would not let go of Teresa hand. He would try his best to strive for Teresa's happiness!

Zed had no interest in the power of Xiao family and the plots in the business world, but this was the first time he wanted to fight for the so-called happiness for Teresa.

Turning his head, Zed saw the dim light falling on the delicate and handsome side of Teresa's face. This woman was always like a magic, which made him unable to move his eyes away.

Zed was determined to return home for Teresa. As long as he could grab the things that belonged to him from Xiao family, he would be qualified to be with Teresa. As for his own dream, it didn't seem to be as important as Teresa.

The day when Teresa was willing to be with him, Zed would pick up his brush again and take her to travel around the world to realize his dream!

…… At Terence's Home.

A bright moon hung in the sky. The clouds around were as pure and cold as white lotus. Different from the cold atmosphere outside, th

esa! What about Teresa! " Terence put his hand on Zed's shoulder and interrupted what Zed was going to say.

Zed hesitated for a while and didn't answer. His intuition told him that Teresa did have done something bad. But when he looked up into his parents' fiery eyes, he avoiding the important and dwelling on the trivial, said gently, "when I arrived at the company, Victor and Sophia were bullying Teresa and asking her to get out of the company."

"Why?" Miranda exchanged a look with Terence and asked.

Since Teresa had been taken care of by Victor's mother, whose name was Grace, Grace's meaning was very obviously. Even though Victor didn't like Teresa, for his mother's sake and Teresa was the daughter of An family, Victor didn't need to be so cruel to her.

Zed didn't intend to tell his parents about what had happened. He pretended to be careless and said, "I don't know what exactly happened. It shouldn't be something terrible..."

Miranda nodded her head with great interest. She didn't care what Teresa had done in the company or what trouble she had made. But it was enough to make the public misunderstand just because of the way that Victor and Sophia handled it!

Thinking of this, Miranda exchanged a look with Terence. They had reached a consensus on this issue at the same time.

"Zed, Victor and Sophia are trying to get rid of Teresa from the company? But what happened then?" Terence asked worriedly.

"Aunt Grace was bothered by this. She called to stop Victor, and I was in the office to stop them. I don't want Teresa to be hurt at all... "

After thinking for a while, Terence was sure that he didn't get any news that Teresa was going to be fired today. According to what Zed said, there must be someone who suppressed this matter. From Zed's words, it could be seen that he was deeply infatuated with Teresa.

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