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   Chapter 136 Take Advantage Of Zed

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In one afternoon.

Zed walked around the company and then went to his office to finish the handover. After that, he went to the coffee shop near the company and waited to get off work quietly.

The reason why he chose to wait in the coffee shop was that Zed didn't like to stay in the company. He always felt that the atmosphere in the company was too oppressive and made him unable to breathe.

Having been studying painting abroad for several years, Zed had developed a free and unrestrained life attitude. He didn't want to be bound by other people. Every day, he went out to sketch and traveled around all the cities in Europe. He just enjoyed the feeling of mobile.

At this moment, Zed was writing and drawing with the paper towel provided by the coffee shop. Then he stopped to check the time on his phone. He estimated that it would be the time for Teresa to get off work. Then, Zed put aside the paper towel he had written earlier, took his stuff and left.

After he left, the shop assistants rushed to and surrounded the table where Zed had just sat, picked up the paper towels he had drew, and were reluctant to put them down. Zed's excellent drawing skill and handsome face surprised them.

In fact, the moment Zed entered the coffee shop, he had already attracted the attention of female employees and customers. He was "a fresh young body" of this era people! But there was a cold and arrogant air around Zed, which made people dare not approach him. No one came to strike up a conversation with him until Zed left...

It was late in the afternoon. The sky was covered with thick clouds. A few cool breeze was blowing, indicating that the hot weather was about to go far. After picking up Teresa, Zed felt that she was in a good mood. They kept talking all the way. In particular, when Zed looked at Teresa, the way Teresa smiled at him would always make him indulge in it.

Soon, they arrived at a fancy western restaurant. It was called "French Platanus". Surrounded by light blue and green, the restaurant was fresh, simple and broad.

After ordering the food for Teresa thoughtfully, Zed stared at her blankly with smile.

Teresa felt uncomfortable under his gaze. She put down her fork and knife and shook her hand in front of Zed.

"What's wrong?" Zed came back to himself and saw Teresa looked at him astonished. Then he asked.

Teresa touched her own face and pretended to ask simply, "Zed, is there anything dirty on my face? You've been watching me closely before..."

Hearing that, Zed lowered his head and smiled shyly, "no, no, Teresa. You are so beautiful, I am fascinated. I am sorry..."

The corners of Teresa's mouth lifted and the smile on her face deepened. Of course, she knew what Zed was thinking about. As an innocent girl who knew a lot about the relationship between a man and a woman, Teresa felt Zed's eyes shining bri

ended not to look up and focused on the food on the table. In her eyes, Zed's love was just a piece of cake.

When they walked out of the restaurant after dinner, it was completely dark outside.

…… The wind at night was somewhat piercing. Seeing that Teresa was only wearing a thin half sleeve dress, Zed took off his tailored suit and draped it on her. Seeing that Teresa's face was somewhat reddened by the wind, he sympathized with her and said, "it's cold, put it on. Don't catch a cold."

Teresa's eyes turned red. She pretended to be pitiful and said, "Zed, actually you don't have to be so considerate..."

Hearing what Teresa said, Zed was a little anxious. He grabbed her white hand and said, "Teresa, what I said is true! I have fallen in love with you since we first met! After so many years, even if we were abroad and you had never contacted me, I was still thinking about you... Now we have come back from abroad. God has given me such a chance. I don't want to lose it again. Teresa, I returned home this time not for anything else, but for you! "

Teresa felt her hand hurt as she was struggling to get rid of Zed. Originally, she didn't plan to give a direct response to the love of Zed. But now, he was clinging to Teresa's hand and didn't let go of her. As a result, Teresa left a deep grudge in the heart of Zed.

After a short pause, Teresa said, "Zed, I also have feelings for you. After all, you and Victor grew up together with me and we have deep feelings for each other. But I can't say whether I love you or not. I think I'm too young to fall in love with someone today. Maybe I'll fall in love with someone tomorrow... "

After saying that, Teresa lowered her head, as if she was a kid admitting her wrong. She was so poor that nobody would blame her.

Hearing what Teresa said, Zed felt happy at once. It meant that Teresa didn't hate him and she still had feelings for him!

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