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   Chapter 135 A Slap For A Kiss

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Zed gave a wry smile, indicating that he was fine and trying to keep calm. Seeing him like this, although Teresa was a little suspicious, she did not continue to ask.

After a while, Zed asked, "Teresa, shall we have dinner together tonight?"

Teresa paused for a second when she heard him. But soon, she recovered her original expression and happily said, "Okay, anyway, I said I would come to welcome you!"

The originally anxious and worried Zed was thrilled to hear that, but he managed to keep calm on the surface. He replied with a clear voice, "Okay, after work, I'll wait for you."

Teresa nodded her head. She didn't want to talk about that with Zed anymore, so she grabbed his arm and tried to talk with him about other things...

…… In the CEO office.

After Zed and Teresa left, Victor had been sitting in his exclusive seat. He looked down at the documents on his desk without saying a word or any action. He looked like a statue placed there.

Seeing this, Sophia was worried. She walked to the other side silently and poured a cup of tea for Victor and put it in front of him. "To reduce your internal heat." She said softly.

Victor looked at Sophia, his eyes soft a lot. He lifted the glass and tasted it, satisfied. Receiving Victor's response. The corners of Sophia's mouth lifted slightly.

Suddenly, Victor stood up. He was more than 1.88 meters tall, and looked very tall. Compared with Victor, Sophia looked pretty petite even though she was not short. Victor shook her hand and pulled her into his arms. Before Sophia could react, she was carried by Victor in his arms.

"What are you doing?"

Ignoring Sophia, Victor pecked on her lips slightly, like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water.

Sophia's face suddenly flushed red.

Victor walked to the sofa with his slender legs and sat on it. He hugged Sophia and Sophia leaned against Victor's shoulder, she felt so sweet.

"Just now, I thought you were angry..." Said Sophia in a soft voice.

She had been a little worried about Victor before, because the first thing Zed did to come to the company was to protect Teresa, that it was openly disobeyed Victor's order.

If it was in the past, Victor would definitely take an eye for an eye and let Zed know the consequences of going against Victor. But now that so many people stood out to stop Victor, he must be ver

I will try my best to be good to them, so that your family can accept me! "

She then paused and said word by word, "I want to be with you openly, in the hope of getting your family's blessing, so I will work hard!"

Victor was touched by Sophia's serious look.

Before, he had always thought that love was only a matter of two people. In fact, feelings were one thing and marriage was another thing. Since it was the union of two families, everyone hoped that their marriage could be blessed by their families. Sophia was no exception. The thought of the hardships Sophia had experienced made Victor feel ashamed.

He wanted to be with her, and all he wanted was for her!

Victor was more certain that the woman in front of him was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Sophia looked at Victor and her eyes were filled with tears. God knew how much courage she took to make this decision. Since she loved him, she would accept it.

Victor quietly took the remote control and pressed the control button of the office door, and the door was locked from inside. No one except the people inside could open the door.

Next to the sofa was a huge French window. The noon sun shone on Sophia's delicate face through the window. Sophia was in Victor's eyes that they were covered with golden rims, which made her look so beautiful and charming.

Sophia looked at Victor, her eyes filling with love.

Her flirtation made Victor's heart itch.

I love you. "

Sophia blushed. "Me too."

The sun was shining on them. It was as beautiful as a picture.

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