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   Chapter 132 An Unexpected Person

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As there were fewer and fewer replies, this post was getting colder and colder, and gradually became neglected from the hot research of microblog. What's more, Rita had an outstanding agent who did an emergency public relations in the name of the company and finally solved the problem in a week, then the atmosphere in the YS Group basically returned to normal.

Teresa thought that Rita would lose a great deal of money even if she couldn't survive in the entertainment circle after the news was released. However, seeing that this matter had subsided in this way and did not cause any loss to Rita, Teresa felt very unhappy.

And what made her even more upset was that Sophia's feelings for Victor had been growing, but she couldn't do anything! Right now, no matter where Sophia was, Derek would always follow her. So Teresa didn't have the chance to practice Sophia, let alone getting a gossip about Sophia with Jeremy!

Teresa could do nothing but provoke Sophia in order to get the temporary happy. However, Sophia was not the same Sophia anymore. At many times, Teresa couldn't even get the upper hand over her.

One day, Teresa found that Leon wasn't in the company when he went out to meet the clients, and that Victor wasn't in the office either. So she and one of her sidekicks stood outside the office of Victor and began to spread negative news about Rita. Teresa also said that this matter could be over so soon, depending on Rita and her agent company. They said that Rita was an incomparably hypocritical person.

Teresa kept her voice so loud that it could penetrate the door to let Sophia in the office hear it. In other words, she wanted to provoke Sophia on purpose.

When the negative news about Rita was leaked out, Sophia had wanted to settle accounts with Teresa, but she couldn't find evidence to prove that it was Teresa who released the negative news.

But now, Teresa came to the office of Victor and spread the news that was against Rita in public. Sophia couldn't ignore it! She stood up and violently pushed the office door open, and said coldly to Teresa, "it's office hour now. You should focus on your work downstairs. Why are you chatting here?"

Teresa raised her eyebrows and shook the folder in her hand. She said, "I just want to send some documents to Victor. He is not here. So I'll wait for him here. Is there anything wrong?"

File again! Sophia couldn't help but roll her eyes. Each time Teresa came to see Victor, she always sent him some documents. Sophia was afraid that there weren't so many documents in the company for Victor to sign! Sophia was really worrying about Teresa's intelligence. Teresa couldn't find a novel reason to novel her.

When Sophia and Teresa were talking, the girl who was chatting with Teresa just now

recklessly and deliberately, It means that you have bad character. Do you think it's necessary for me to keep a person in the YS Group who doesn't obey the superior and doesn't know how to cooperate with a team and has a bad character? "

Teresa repeatedly shook her head, walked up to him and held his hand. She comforted him pitifully, "please, Victor, please don't drive me away! Tell me what I did wrong. I will never do that again! "

Facing the delicate and touching expression of Teresa, Victor was not moved at all. He shook off her hand and said lightly, "go back to pack up your things. I don't need to go to the company tomorrow."

As Teresa was thinking hard on how to ask Victor to let her stay, there was a tumult in the office. It seemed someone had come.

Sophia confused. The people below were not people who had seen the world. Who could make them so excited! The elevator rang. Looking at the movements of that floor, the man apparently came up by elevator.

"Ding!" The elevator stopped in front of Victor's office. A man of their age came out. He was handsome. His eyes were attractive. Different from Victor's serious look, he still looked casual.

It was obvious that Victor's body got stiff the moment he walked out of the elevator. He looked extremely aggressive. Teresa seemed excited to see him.

Sophia could not help wondering who this person was that made Victor so abnormal. Just when Sophia was confused, Teresa walked up to him warmly and called him excitedly, "Zed!"

Teresa's words immediately made Teresa understand his identity. It turned out that this man was exactly the cousin of Victor who had been talked about by everyone in the company to compete with Victor after coming back from abroad recently.

"What's wrong? Why are we all together?" Asked Zed in surprise as he walked into Victor's office.

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