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   Chapter 130 Bodyguard

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Through this matter, Victor had completely realized that Teresa was a crazy woman. If it weren't for Jeremy, this time Sophia would have been dangerous! Next time, when Teresa wanted to stir up trouble again, she would definitely try her best to make him stay away from Sophia. It was impossible for him to always take precautions against her, and he couldn't always count on Jeremy to help Sophia.

After a good shower, Victor dialed a number. The phone was picked up after two beeps and a respectful male voice came over the phone. "Hello, Mr. Victor."

"Hi, John. Are you still awake? I want you to do me a favor. "

"What is it? I will do it as soon as possible. " John replied concisely.

"Arrange a bodyguard for Sophia. Get him to drive Sophia to work or home and keep her safe." Victor thought about it for a while. It was the most reassuring to leave it to John. He had a good relationship with Sophia, which was comprehensive and efficient.

"Okay, I'll arrange it as soon as possible. I'll let him report to you by tomorrow after work." Answered John without any hesitation.

"Okay, then I won't bother you anymore." Victor put down the phone and was slightly relieved. For this point, he was very satisfied with John. He would never ask any unnecessary questions, but he could get the superior's work done as soon as possible. It was a great of character that an excellent assistant should have.

John put down the phone and frowned. Does Mr. Victor want to find some bodyguards for Sophia? Was it because Sophia was in danger? John knew it without asking. It must be Teresa who had done something to Sophia. Thinking about this, John shook his head and started to do the work of bodyguards.

After the misunderstandings were cleared up, Sophia realized the significance of her previous sulks. She should trust Victor more and communicate more with him. But Teresa was the only one to blame. She knew exactly how to break them apart and how to destroy their relationship. Fortunately, the misunderstanding had been cleared up and Teresa's plot did not succeed. It was said that the quarrel between couples was easy to solve. After this period of time's indifference, they became more intimate.

…… The next morning, Sophia was having breakfast with Victor, chatting and laughing. Seeing them reconciled, Zelda felt happy for them.

When Sophia arrived at the company, she got out of the car and took a deep breath. From the moment she got into the company, she had been prepared to face the provocation from Teresa at any time. Noticing her nervousness, Victor walked to her, held her hand and led her into the company.

All the employees were surprised to see that Victor and Sophia walked into the company hand in hand. It was obvious that Victor was indifferent to Sophia before, but he had a closer rel

advantage of the An Group to compete with his cousin. Those people usually sent a message to Teresa and supported and ingratiated with Teresa.

Therefore, it didn't take long for Teresa knew that Victor found a burly man to drive for Sophia. Sophia was only an assistant to the CEO. There must be some special meaning for Victor to arrange a driver for Sophia in such a big way. And the driver was a burly man. It was not hard for Teresa to imagine that Victor wanted to find a bodyguard for Sophia.

In addition, the inexplicable relationship between Victor and Sophia got better and the sudden coldness of Victor to Teresa. Teresa soon realized that it might be already known by Victor that she had asked someone to help her get rid of Sophia and she delete the call and message records in Victor's phone in the hospital that day.

Fortunately, that two men ran fast that day and Victor couldn't find out that she had done it. Otherwise, all her efforts would be in vain. After weighing the pros and cons, Teresa decided to reduce her action that aimed Sophia. But she felt it was too easy for Sophia.

Sophia was surprised to find that Teresa had been keeping a distance from her recently. Even if they met each other in the company, she always hid herself. However, another trouble was about to come.

Since John had employed Derek Yuan as her driver, Derek Yuan had gotten to live with Sophia. He would go anywhere she went. Victor was right. Although Derek Yuan had always followed her, he would never affect her life.

Derek Yuan was a quiet man. There was no other expression on his face, so he was a low-key person. Most of the time, Sophia almost forgot his existence. Normally, when Victor went to work and got off work with Sophia, Derek Yuan would drive after Victor's car. When Victor couldn't be with Sophia to himself, Derek Yuan would drive to pick up Sophia.

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