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   Chapter 128 Snitch

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At this moment, Victor's phone rang for a few times. It was a wechat message. Victor dusted the cigarette ash out of the ashtray. Then he took out his phone and saw the message from the lock screen, "Teresa sent a picture to you."

The name of Teresa irritated him. But Victor managed to be patient and slid the screen to check his wechat. The picture Teresa sent to him, in which Sophia had dinner with Jeremy. In the photo, Jeremy was talking about something and Sophia was smile.

Her smile was as fragrant as the plum blossoming in March. It had been a long time since Victor had seen such a brilliant smile on Sophia's face.

But now, she was looking like this and eating with Jeremy. Everyone knew that Jeremy had a crush on Sophia. Sophia knew it well. How could she put Victor in this situation if she dated Jeremy like this?

Just then, Victor's phone rang. The ringtone was classic from apple phone, just the one who had sent the pictures of Sophia dating with Jeremy to him, Teresa Victor directly hung up the phone in a fret, but Teresa kept calling him. When she called him the third time, the phone was finally answered, but Victor didn't speak.

Seeing that the call had been answered, Teresa said happily, "Hello, Victor! You finally answer!" When she heard no response from the other end of the phone, Teresa asked with uncertainty, "Hello, is that Victor?"

"What's up?" Victor asked in a low and husky voice.

"Well... Did you see the picture I sent to you? " Teresa cautiously asked as she heard Victor's gloomy voice.

"Yes, I did." Victor replied curtly.

"You... Don't get me wrong. I didn't mean to stimulate you with this picture. However... It was just when I was having dinner with my best friend just now that I happened to see Sophia and...... I think it's necessary for you to know that she is with Jeremy!"

"Yes." Victor's answer was hard to tell.

"Victor, you... Are you okay? " Teresa asked in a seemingly sweet voice.

But Victor was too anxious to reply her. He just asked in a cold voice, "do you have anything else to tell me? If not, I have to hang up. "

"I..." Teresa wanted to continue the conversation with a reason, but she couldn't find one after racking her brains.

Victor didn't want to say anything to her anymore and hung up directly. After hearing the busy tone from the phone, Teresa reluctantly threw the phone away, almost biting her silver teeth.

It reminded Victor of the woman, who sent him the picture. That was Teresa. If Teresa told him that Sophia dated with Jeremy directly, he would definitely not believe her. On the contrary, he might think that Teresa was plotting something to destroy their relationship. But now the picture was there, he had to believe it

ctor know? "I..." Sophia opened her mouth, only saying "I" in the end. So far, she couldn't deny that she had met Jeremy. She wanted to explain it, but didn't know how to start. She could only lower her head and keep silent.

"What's wrong? Why don't you say anything? No excuses! Do you think you don't even need to explain? Sophia, what do you think of me if you do this? " Victor's voice trembled in thrill.

"It's not what you think!" Sophia was somewhat helpless. She really didn't know how to explain it. From the day she was followed but Jeremy saved her? Speaking of that incident, there were too many people involved. A quarrel would last for a very long time. She didn't want this to happen!

"Then tell me, what on earth is the matter?" There was a hint of bitterness in Victor's playful smile. "Sophia, can I trust you? I wouldn't have believed it if it wasn't for Teresa who had sent me the photo of you and Jeremy. "

Hearing the name of Sophia, Sophia's heart suddenly sank. At first, she wondered how on earth did Victor know that she had met Jeremy in such a secluded place? It was Teresa again. Sophia had thought that she could gain an upper hand in the battle with Teresa today, but to her surprise, Teresa was waiting for her here.

Sophia didn't know how Teresa knew her meeting with Jeremy or where they met. But she was sure that it was not a coincidence that Teresa had taken a photo of her and Jeremy together and sent it to Victor. Teresa was trying to stir up trouble between her and Victor.

However, it didn't cost Victor too much time to doubt her after he knew what she was going to do! How pathetic it was! There was no trust between them!

Sophia's heart ached as if it was stabbed by a knife. Tears kept welling up in her eyes, but the corners of her mouth strangely rose. She smiled.

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