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   Chapter 127 Eavesdrop

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 10060

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"Tonight..." Sophia had been trying to find an excuse to refuse his invitation. She knew that Jeremy loved her very much, but she couldn't get any response to Jeremy. In the past, she had gotten Jeremy involved too much, so it was not a good time for her to meet Jeremy on her own at this time.

A hint of hesitation appeared in Sophia's voice, which made Jeremy understand Sophia's meaning right away. The scandal spread by Jenny hadn't been over yet. Sophia didn't want to cause any unnecessary misunderstandings when she met with him now. He hastily explained, "Sophia, I don't mean anything else. I do have something to tell you. "

"Well... Is there something you can't talk about over the phone? " Sophia still didn't want to meet him.

"I want to talk about what happened that night with you. You were stalked and texted to me that day. Afterwards, I thought over what happened that night again, and found that a lot of details indicated that the incident was not an incident by accident, but was targeted at you. This is related to your safety, so you must be on alert. It's not convenient to talk on the phone. Let's meet. I'll choose a place that is unnoticeable. "

Originally, Sophia decided not to meet Jeremy. But when she heard that he was going to talk about that night, she hesitated. She had a feeling that night. It had been a nightmare for Sophia. Now when she recalled it, she still felt scared.

During these days when Teresa was together with her, Sophia was afraid that she would piss Teresa off and that Teresa would do something crazy. Sophia couldn't just stand by and do nothing. Only she and Jeremy knew everything about that night. Compared to her, Jeremy considered things more carefully and listened to Jeremy didn't do anything bad.

"Then... Okay. " After hesitating for a long time, Sophia nodded.

"When do you get off work? I will pick you up." Hearing that she didn't refuse again, Jeremy smiled faintly.

"No, thanks, Jeremy!" When Sophia heard that Jeremy was coming to pick her up, she was startled. She just wanted to talk about what happened that night with Jeremy, but it wouldn't be as simple as she had imagined if it was known to Victor. "Send me the address of the meeting. I'll go there by subway. I don't think you're suitable to come near to the YS Group."

Jeremy realized it and didn't push Sophia. He said, "Okay, see you tonight."

"See you tonight." Then Sophia hung up the phone.

Sophia's voice was not very loud, but the stairwell always had a loud speaker. The words that through the microphone were clearly caught in Teresa's ears.

Hearing this, Teresa hurriedly hided behind the giant decorations in the elevator as she was about to walk out of the staircase. It was not until Sophia got on the elevator that Teresa came out with a sinister smile on her lips. Teresa was worrying about how to get such a good chance through Sophia and Jeremy. Now that Sophia gave the chance to Teresa.

When Sophia called Jeremy's name in her ph

bonnet with a big eaves and a pair of sunglasses as she walked into the private club. As soon as she entered the club, she saw Jeremy and Sophia sitting in the corner. Teresa sat imperceptibly at a table separated from them, with her back to them. She ordered a cold drink and some snacks. Then she took out her phone and took several photos of them with her shoulder as barrier.

Looking at the picture she had just taken, Teresa couldn't help laughing. From the angle of the photo, there was a very ambiguous relationship between them. Teresa couldn't help imagining how Victor would react when he saw these pictures. Would he be able to stay calm and be with Sophia as usual.

Jeremy and Jeremy were absorbed in their thing so they didn't notice Teresa's moves. Realizing that she had got what she wanted, Teresa didn't linger on and left after she finished what she had ordered.

After driving away from the club, Teresa couldn't wait to take out her phone and sent all the pictures she had just taken to Victor's phone. After that, Teresa drove home with satisfaction.

Victor had just finished negotiating with a client. When he got back to the company, he found Sophia already gone. During these days, they didn't get along well with each other. Sometimes, when he was outside and had many things to deal, Sophia didn't wait for him and went back first. So Victor didn't think too much. He packed up the files on his desk and drove home.

When he got back home, Zelda had already prepared the dinner, but Sophia hadn't come back yet. Victor wondered where Sophia went to. When he dialed her number, an emotionless voice reached his ears. "Sorry, the number you dialed is powered off." Victor put his phone down, feeling irritated. He walked to the bedside and lit a cigarette. Through the steam, he saw through the French window, a ray of evening glow rose in the sky, and half of the sky was dyed red by the afterglow of the setting sun. The leaping red color was getting deeper and deeper.

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