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   Chapter 126 Changes

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Sophia smiled and asked, "by the way, why are you here? Do you have business with Victor? "

At the mention of this, Rita's face darkened! "Don't talk about it! I've been really busy recently! I finally managed to finish my work for this morning. So I came here to see someone and give him a surprise. But I didn't expect that he is in a meeting! " Rita puckered her lips and said in a wronged tone.

Seeing the shyness on Rita's face, Sophia understood that she must be here for Leon. Sophia always felt amazing about Rita and Leon.

Rita had fallen in love with Victor and had competed with Sophia for a long time. However, Sophia didn't expect that Rita changed her target so soon after failing for so many times. Moreover, Rita's target was Leon, who was a well-known by hating female star in the company and often sneered at Rita.

It was so hard for Sophia to imagine that they could be a couple. Then, Sophia got to know that it was not because that Rita changed her target too fast, but because of Leon's attitude towards Rita had changed. He then took the initiative to woo Rita, and this had another story to tell.

Sophia felt surprised that Rita could find her own happiness. Although it was amazing, Sophia felt happy for her. Trying to amuse Rita, Sophia giggled dubiously. Sophia poked Rita with her elbow and asked, "Hey, tell me, what's going on between you and Leon?"

"Nothing happened. I I just want to try to date Leon. I didn't expect... It works well! " Embarrassed, Rita turned her head to the other side. As she caught sight of Victor who was walking towards the door. Rita shot Sophia with an ambiguous look on her face. Rita had expected to witness some sweet interactions to laugh at Sophia so as to take revenge.

However, contrary to Rita's expectation, Victor merely nodded to Rita as greeting. He noticed Sophia and walked straight to the door, as if he didn't see Sophia. And Sophia also moved her eyes away to avoid eye contact with Victor.

Watching Victor out of the door, Rita waved her hand and asked, "what's going on? Sophia, what happened to you and Victor? " Even if they didn't want to have too much contact in the company, they didn't have to be so cold to each other!

Looking at the two, Rita was sure that there must be something that she didn't know between Victor and Sophia. "Sophia?" she asked

Sophia lowered her head and said plainly, "didn't you see that? We are in a cold war now!" Sophia didn't want to mention it, so she said it perfunctorily.

"A cold war? Why? " "Sophia, this is a special time. Can't you just tell him everything? The cold war between you two just gave Teresa a chance, didn't it? " "Find an opportunity to make it up with Victor. That Teresa might be ver

f received a phone call. She came to Rita and said, "Miss Rita, the meeting of the general manager is over. He wants to invite you to his office."

"Okay, I know." When Rita heard that Leon's meeting was finally over, she was in a good mood and gave the receptionist a big smile.

"It seems that you are very happy. Go upstairs now. I should go back to work." Said Sophia with a smile.

Rita felt much better when she saw Sophia's smile face. Rita took her hand and walked towards the lift together.

At this time, Sophia's phone rang, and the ringing bell made the hall look empty. Taking out her phone, Sophia glanced at the caller ID. she frowned and asked Rita to go upstairs first. She planned to find a place to answer the phone. The name on the screen was Jeremy.

Sophia held her phone and trotted to the empty stairwell before answering the phone, "Hello, Sophia, it's me."

Teresa felt upset and annoyed when she was bullied by Rita and Sophia. She happened to meet a female employee who was fond of flattering her on the way, so Teresa chatted with her for a while. Teresa and the female colleague complained Sophia and Rita.

That female employee would never miss such a good opportunity to flatter Teresa. She immediately belittled Sophia and Rita as Teresa wished, and also comforted Teresa with a few words.

After having ravaged Sophia and Rita thousands of times, Teresa felt much better and was ready to go back to work. She walked to the elevator. While waiting for the elevator, she seemed to hear Sophia's voice from the stairwell next to her.

Driven by curiosity, Teresa came forward quietly. She leaned against the door of the staircase and listened carefully.

Sophia took out her phone. On the other end of the phone, she heard Jeremy saying, "Sophia. I'm Jeremy. Are you free tonight?"

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